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Ugh, another comparison to GTA. WD: Open world, has cars, does NOT make it a GTA clone. The focus here is hacking; it's quite possible to do this without using any (private) cars, public transportation (el-train, cabs) are usable also (although some missions i'm sure would best be done with a car of course). Walking is where this game is..you're not going to be profiling people when you're driving about

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I was reminded of this game for no apparent reason.  I used to play it way back in the day at Georgia Tech, we would log into multiple computers and set bolo games up with different brains up against eachother and see which would win.  I wish someone would make an Android version of it (for tablets).

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i'm about 98% sure that they're not platform specific; they're all just PNG files and the fact that both PC and Mac versions are on the disc, and presumably use those same Maxis-authored creatures implies that those files are platform independent.

also, if they were NOT, we would see different sections on the web-based sporepedia for each platform, but there's no such segregation.

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iMiles said:
Liking the many incarnations of the Bloid GUS and the Elde Draconi.
thanks  :D, the Elde Draconi is mine  :D

i hope it comes over as an Epic in someone's game as it would be very keen to see that thing large  :D

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undoubtedly; definitely server problems, guess we'll all just have to wait it out

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as of this post time (about 2:45pm mountain time (1:45 pacific))--the Spore site seems to be having problems and the in-game sporepedia has 'server problems', anyone else?

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as above, you NEED net connection for activating/validating the game, beyond that thou:

1/2 the point of this game (for me anyway) is filling the world(s) out with other people's creations, which you would miss out on without the net, it just adds alot of replay value to it when the content is constantly changing (granted, Maxis provides quite a bit of stuff on the disc).

again tho, net is REQUIRED to activate the game.

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i agree with space age being the most fleshed out, which is why it was pretty-close to it being my favorite, but it 'missed' because, well, frankly the main concept of creating a creature via evolution is no longer part of the game at that point, instead its become completely different (not in a bad way of course).  so to stay true to the intended nature of the game Spore, the creature stage stayed my favorite phase (as in my initial post)

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Now that most of us have played it to varying amounts, here's my retake on my favorite stages (and not so):

starting from the bottom:
5.  Tribal is probably my least favorite, probably based on the fact that there's very little or no real customization, as in none of the content comes from any of the editors (apart from the 'outfitter', but that hardly counts)... apart from the creature(s) you made from the previous stages.

4.  hmm...i guess cell phase; while I do like this phase a bit more than a '4th place' would imply, it loses out to the civ stage because of the latter's vehicle and building editors.

3.  Civilization stage (see #4); granted this is a very simplified RTS mini-game, but it's still fun, and hey, it has the vehicle and building editors

2.  space age- another close tie, with the Creature stage, it really only loses out because i haven't put much playtime into this phase yet (i keep starting other civs on other worlds instead), gotta love the space-ship editor  :)

1.  and so this leaves the Creature stage to be my favorite, as (for me) this is really is what the game is really about, evoloving your own species and seeing others' creations much more up-close than you can in the other stages (w/o zooming of course)

just my (2 cents x 5..) dime

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i finally have this game and I've put in around 7 hours and just started the Civ stage (i stuck around longer than necessary in previous stages to get more dna parts and such)..

anyway, i love this game; I can see why some people would think certain stages are 'shallow', and indeed they may be; but what makes me like this so much is that all the content is user-created, it just feels good to see MY creations (and others of course).. --having open sharing ON is such a crucial factor to the enjoyment i think--. 
one of my favorite moments so far is encountering an Epic of one of my own creatures that I made with the CC several weeks ago (it DID go down  :)  ), and i also saw a few UFO's abducting various other beings, incl someone's very 'Enterprise'-looking one.

Anyway, i finally got myself out (to eat something) so i'm takin the break to do this kinda stuff   :)

anyways, I for one am having fun with this and I haven't 'even hit space-age yet.  have fun  :)

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