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What can you say to this?

I am so grateful to Ryan Davis. He was the heart of my favorite website and the soul of my favorite podcast. He so effortlessly made me laugh. His sincerity is what brought me back everyday. Out of all of the Bomb crew, Ryan was the one guy I knew for sure I could be friends with.

This loss is not something I can easily mourn, it is hard to explain to the people around me why losing a guy on the internet whom I had never met could hurt so bad. Reading through all 6000+ comments on this thread only cements my belief that what Ryan and Jeff and Brad and Vinny and Drew and Patrick and Will built here was more than just a website, or even a community. Giantbomb is a family, and as a family we have laughed and played together countless times, and now we must cry together.

My love goes out to Ryan's widow and family, and of course, to all of us in the Bomb crew.

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Yeah I definitely want this to be true . . .

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Good thing I am rich 

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 They need to make a video game adaptation of Big Trouble in Little China.  Just imagine playing through the entire game as Jack Burton! That is my #1 request always...