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I'm Volkarin on the PS4 I already sent a request to join NA East 2 but I'd still like to join the clan.

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  • Jet Set Radio I think is aesthetically and conceptually awesome but the gameplay doesn't hold up.
  • Final Fantasy 6 is still by far my favorite Final Fantasy and it holds up alongside other JRPG classics like Chrono Trigger.
  • The whole Metroid Prime trilogy for me personally is a great implementation of Metroid in 3d and great game for exploration.
  • Streets of Rage 2, Sunset Riders, Final Fight.
  • Super Mario World.
  • Mega Man 2 and Mega Man X.

I need to stop or this list is going to be incredibly long.

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I'd like to join the clan my in game name is Volkarin.

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I am deeply sorry I never go to meet Ryan Davis he always seemed like a hell of a dude to hang out with it's awful that he is gone. But thanks duder for the hours upon hours of laughs that you've provided us with. My heart goes out to his loved ones truly the world has lost an amazing man.

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My soldiers name is V0lkarin.