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Blade Runner: Final Cut

A full month before I got a player.

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@corevi: The PS3 outsold the Xbox 360

Yeah, that was announced Jan. 2013, a full six years after the release of the console. The first couple of years were a bit rocky for the PS3.

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Can think of three I listened to:

  • Melvins new album was just more weird shit that was alright, but nothing I would tell people to listen to.
  • Bongripper's Miserable felt a bit stagnate, seemed to just be repeating thier work on Satan Worshipping Doom. Also felt twenty minutes too long, could've made each song five minutes shorter and it would've been better.
  • Giant Squid's Minoans, to be honest I haven't even gotten past the third track before turning it off. One of the bigger bummers this year since I loved their last EP, Cenotes.

Oh, wait, I listened to four, Mastodon's Once More round the Sun. Yeah...naw.

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Star Wars, but I'm more likely to see Furious 7 opening weekend though.

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@korwin said:

I believe the story was Jeff thought he might be able to and Ryan told him no don't be crazy.

Really, I thought it was to be more of a side thing to GB, like Midnight Brown was/is/was. If anyone would want to check, be helpful. Can't do it, remembering Vinny's voice in that episode is too much for me.

But yeah, as much as I respect the dude as a bringer of humour, with him and Ryan being pretty influential in my own sense of humor over the years, I can't see him doing stand-up. He's more reactionary-based in his comments, and his stories, while more often than not hilarious, are largely aimless with no real sense of buildup. Not saying he couldn't craft this while writing a routine (cuz I've never really seen him try), but he wouldn't be able to go onstage as is.

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Definitely sounds anime, but seems decent.

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When you're that far deep into videogames that you have an account for a website that you regularly check, just seems like you have fallen into the ebb and flow of the hobby. Most people have gone through phases where they just don't play video games, but they still are interested in the medium. I've gone through a couple different stretches of time where I've unplugged all my consoles (barring ones I used for home media) for months at a time, but was still spending a lot of my free time checking forums and such. If hording wasn't such a recurrent theme in my family, all my shit probably would've been sold.

So yeah this is normal. Revisit this topic in a year and then we'll actually be able to talk about whether or not you may be done with video games.

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@zzombie13 said:

Bayonetta was a fun game, but as I get older it's more and more difficult to play games that move at such a brisk pace, with such a focus on properly timing the combos. I end up just getting mad at my stupid fingers. Haven't decided if I'm going to give the sequel a chance to beat me up or not. Looks good though.

Sequel's way more lenient on normal and even hard mode, trust me.

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@wjb: I got that reference.

But yeah, don't remember much of this movie. Except that Pre-Juno Ellen Page was in it, Wolverine yelled "NOOOO" after deliberately performing the act that cause him to say "NOOOO,"and my Dad took me to see it in theaters when my Mom took herself and the rest of my siblings up to "Georgia" for a week.

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Have you tried resyncing the gamepad?