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If you got netflix, just watch Gurren Lagann on there. Last I saw, the quality of CR's streaming for that specific show was terrible. Seemed heavily interlaced, and upscaled poorly (could've been windowboxed) from a sub-480i source. So best not waste your free month on it. Haven't had any other problems though, pretty good service.

Hajime No Ippo is a pretty fun series, easy to get into despite being so long running and CR only having the most recent season.

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That's definitely a song with Mike Patton as a frontman.

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@damodar: Bayonetta 2 totally has a multiplayer mode.

But yeah, I feel like giving two scores for a single product would just put more importance on the numerical value of the review rather than the actual review.

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I'm definitely not going to be pre-ordering weeks/months before release, but since Best Buy considers the Monday night before release as pre-order, I'm gonna keep doing it.

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@officer_falcon: Same here on the delay, just turned them off because they were to distracting. Also gameplay needs subtitles cuz dialogue seems pretty low priority in the sound design, at least with my 5.1 set up.

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I'll definitely see it opening weekend...but can't say that trailer really sold me on it. Mostly because the bulk of it was a action scene that was chopped to shit. The Rock flexing arm cast to remove was pretty fucking great though.

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Yeah, but as awesome of a collection as it is, can't justify spending sixty dollars on it considering my income situation right now.

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Really hope Best Buy does one the following week, the possibility of three games for a little under a hundred because of my new GCU membership means I'm gonna sit this one out. And DA:I would be included if so also...

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Can't recommend buying one for this game alone, but you said you do have other games interested. Rule of thumb for me is a console's gotta have at least six-seven games I'm interested in either already or coming soon before I make the plunge. Granted I didn't follow this at all and got all of this generation day one...but whatever.

This game's pretty fun though, not enough to buy a console for, but to lead the charge of a pack of games, yeah.

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First fifteen minutes I hated the game, thought the traversal was clunky and slow and the combat seemed like a mess. Two straight hours of playing and a kitty-cannon later, I realized I was having a blast. I've gotten a lot better at handling transitions from grinding to hopping back to grinding, it helps that some of the makeshift arenas you fight in go in a clear circular path, but with a break in the rails that you have to maneuver around. Still trying to wrap my head around the amp system, from what've played just doesn't seem super useful, but I'm only three hours in, so I'm sure they get better. Shooting feels alright, but aside from said kitty-cannon, haven't found a real standout weapon yet.

Enjoying the presentation too, bright, colorful and sharp looking.The punk style is pretty fun, it's definitely punk without a cause, but it brings a nice carefree attitude that goes perfectly with the superhuman ability to grind forever. Hoping they vary up the soundtrack as the game goes along though. Could see the bright, noisy pop-punkish music getting tedious to listen, something harder would be a nice break. Humor wise, pleasantly surprised at the chuckles its managed to wring out of me. Also liking the player character a lot more than expected, heard complaints that it's a snarky shit...which it is. But there's softness there, at least with the female player. I thought her desire to have the new propeller be a surprise for Walter was genuinely cute, and helped add a paternal aspect to an otherwise shallow relationship. Or I could just be deluded considering how easy it was to make my videogame waifu in the character creator, and the VO just added to it.