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May give it a watch, Justin is a bit hit or miss with me. Though with FMV games being kind of light on actual gameplay though, there's less of a chance that his more annoying tendencies/opinions will overpowering his positives.

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Occasionally, the Shatter Soundtrack and Bastion OST are the two that most frequently get played.

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So I had to reinstall watchdogs this morning due to an issue with a update not triggering properly and I have been instantly reminded of the thing I hate the most in this new generation, installation. both machines seem to take forever to install games from discs. Its been 3 hours and I'm only up to 17% installed on watchdogs, fuck this shit... Its says I can play but we all know that its just the very beginning of the game that's playable and I wont be able to access my save till the install is complete

Is this on the Xbox One, cuz they include any patches that need to be downloaded in installation progress.

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  1. Ryse: Son of Rome
  2. Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days
  3. Resistance 3
  4. Ratchet and Clank: Into the nexus
  5. Metal gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
  6. Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition
  7. Yakuza
  8. Bayonetta
  9. Wolfenstein: The New Order
  10. Infamous: Second Son
  11. The Last Story
  12. Titanfall
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Just got home from work and saw this thread. OP made it seem like it was averaging 6-7s, but a 82 percent on metacritic for the PS4, come on now. And that's with Jeff's overall positive three out of five being treated as a 60%.

Holding out 'till I get that twenty dollars in Best Buy bucks from buying Wolfenstein, then I'll decide. Had been my plan for a while now, reviews didn't alter one way or the other.

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Riddick runs in slow motion towards a tentacle monster while holding a space puppy, that's all I remember.

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That's cool, best of luck for anyone trying to apply. I'll probably just keep working at my minimum wage job and eventually fumble my way back into community college rather than waste anyone's time.

I constantly see posts in the forum that dwarf my understanding of games and ability of articulation and writing. So again, good luck to those dudes.

@fr0br0: That isn't a serious question is it?

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Got home from work thirty minutes to find that UPS dropped off my copy. Not expecting great things from it, but as long as I get some fun out of the combat and some fanservice I'll be fine. I bought it mostly just to show support for Jojo in North America.

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I'm pre-ordering Trials Fusion for PS4 and they're trying to charge me $4 to get the game on Tuesday, even though I've got Prime. That was one of my favorite parts! Is this just with certain items, or are they done with release date shipping? Haven't bought a game like this since maybe Saint's Row IV, so I'm not sure if this is new or what.

It's Saturday before the release, it's not uncommon for them to ship today for a Tuesday delivery. The four dollar charge would be for the one day shipping option because of how late the order is.

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Been getting back into anime recently after not caring for almost a decade, mostly stupidly awesome stuff like Jojo and Kill La Kill. Wrestling is something that I've always appreciated through approximation. I love hearing people talk about wrestling, and watching clips of wrestling and the like. But I never actually want to sit down and watch it by myself.