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I use two. I have one in a town/safe area before I go adventuring, then a second save while on my adventure. Sometimes I use a third to branch off my second when I'm trying something I don't think will work.

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Hololololens. Sorry. I had too...

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Just 'Nintendo' would be ok, just as Mircosoft should have just called the Xbox one just the Xbox.

But knowing them they will call it the U Wii New New tuu.

Those aren't relatable at all. The better analogy would be if Microsoft called the Xbox One, "Microsoft", which is extremely stupid and just as stupid as calling a console "Nintendo". Nintendo is the company name. The Nintendo Entertainment System. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Those are names of things. Calling a console Nintendo is dumb and the Nintendo 64 was a dumb name also.

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I already have a PS4, but if Sunset Overdrive is good I'll pick up that bundle at a discount and get Forza Horizon 2 as well. I wish it was black though to match my PS4. Dammit, I knew I shouldn't have cancelled my Destiny bundle preorder!

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I don't see the relationship between this and Giant Bomb, unless Giant Bomb is secretly harboring assholes in a basement somewhere making threatening tweets.

The assholes should be ignored. No one goes away if you give them the attention they want, it's exactly what articles like this do. You can say things like, "if we don't cover it the problem will never go away because no one will talk about it", but assholes on the Internet aren't going to listen to reason. People who threaten people like this will never say, "you're right guys, I am a jerk and was totally wrong!" It just doesn't happen.

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Why don't they ignore the threats? It's easy for anyone to make a Twitter account and scrap the internet for people's addresses. I've actually had someone do it to me several years ago and I'm still waiting for them to come to my house!

As soon as you acknowledge it, you've shown all your cards, you've shown you're threatened. Leaving your house is even worse. You've completely given in and basically told them they've won. Now other people know they can continue to drive people out of their homes. They are doing exactly what the people harassing them want them to do. You can't have an opinion and then immediately retreat when push comes to shove.

If they feel threatened they should see if they can get friends or family members to stay with them. I think 100% of these threats are completely baseless with no one intending to do anything.

I'm not supporting the people making threats by any means, it's gross. But as long as people continue to give into threats, the threats will continue. You can't stop assholes, but you can stand up to them.

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What the hell is the deal with Polygon, yeah of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion,but they seem to deviate from the norm just to be different.

Anything for the views.

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Did these patch notes come inside a pizza??

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@honkalot said:

@planetfunksquad: Really?

In that case I will file that into my box of complaints where the game never explains anything. :(

I don't really get it either. I'm guessing on your screen at the top 2/3rd of the HP bar is the "shield" you see on other players. When you take heavy damage the last third turns red, I think this is the bottom HP bar you see on players. So two thirds for shields, one third of actual HP. Though I don't think it even matters since it all acts as HP. Why they show two HP bars on enemy players? I have no idea.

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Notch's leaving says so much about the internet and what that level of harassment, yes even positive harassment, can do to someone.

Notch's twitter was turned from a personal twitter feed to a place where some people could be validated in their opinions. Notch hates Microsoft? SO DO I!

In reality he's a person. With changing emotions, opinions, and a prone to mistakes and foibles like everyone else. Yet in this strange internet world he was never left alone or left to be himself. Even now people are angry at him for "selling out".

I guess the internet is really good at not understanding or investigating the root cause of something and then getting very emotional about it.

You've never seen a celebrity harassed by paparazzi trying to get out of their cars or politicians harassed by protesters trying to leave their offices?

How about we stop blaming the internet for everything and accept that popular people will deal with shit no matter who they are and where they go?

People act like pieces of trash no matter where they are, don't pretend this kind of thing is exclusive to the internet.