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How much of an issue is the co-op design for a solo player? The whole taking both sides of a conversation thing seemed weird and not all that appealing to me.

It's even weirder in co-op where only one player gets the dialog box and then the decision stuff just pops up without context for the other player.

It's even weirder in solo play when you have to play a rock, paper, scissors game with yourself to get to a final decision with yourself between your characters.

There's a part with an orc lady in the first city and you have the option to kill her or not. Both of my characters agreed we should kill her (because that's the options I picked), but it still insisted I played this rock, paper, scissors mini game to determine who's decision was final. Even though they were the same decision...

Overall, I'm really enjoying the game.

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In my opinion, the best LP's are the ones when the player has already finished the game a number of times and knows a bunch of fun tricks or neat facts about the game that typically aren't found by someone playing the game for their first or even second time. To be frank it is frustrating watching someone fumble their way through a game for the first time, especially when failure results in having to replay sections (which it often does).

My suggestion is to grab a game you love and play that instead, it gives you a good excuse to play a game you love and an opportunity to talk about something more interesting than what is just going on in front of you.

I agree completely. Watching people fumble around with and not understanding a game isn't fun. If I wanted to see a clueless idiot play a game they know nothing about I would watch myself play video games.

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@voodoopc: are you saying you've done this and it's fixed your trigger, or are you just suggesting?

It was just a suggestion. I haven't had squeaky triggers yet, just sticky bumpers.

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Go to a hobby shop that sells RC car parts. They usually have grease to use with plastic that is long lasting.

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I bought this when it went on sale for 50% off. I waited about 15 minutes in a queue for a campaign match with no luck. Then I decided to just play the real MP. I played somewhere around 5 matches. Then I used EA's Origin Guarantee thing to do a refund the next day. I didn't really enjoy it very much.

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They could play it multiplayer at some point during the Quicklook.

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583. It's sickening.


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The beta code is not platform specific, so you could still play the beta on a PS3 or 360.

Ah! I didn't realize that. For some reason I assumed it was just for the PS4.

Thank you.

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I preordered the white PS4 last night, which as we know comes with Destiny and comes out on the Destiny release date (September 9th). What I didn't know was preordering Destiny also gets you into the beta?

This will be my first PS4, so by the time I get my PS4 and COULD play the beta, it will be coming with a full copy of the game.

Is there anything useful I can do with this beta code? Like, give it to a friend that owns a PS4 or is it pretty much useless to me?

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Are you not allowed to leave unions?

The Banner Saga did have pretty amazing music by the way!