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Just a question for anyone making a bomb. Why would you make a bomb beep, or make any sound for that matter (expect the sound of a massive explosion)?

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It's back! Weee!

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That's pretty insane.

I've got to say, I really liked how the game looks, especially the lighting, are you playing on highest graphics settings?

I haven't gotten the game yet, but I'm interested in playing as a magic based character. Would you recommend it and can you give some tips about starting a magic based char?

I am playing with the highest graphics settings.

I don't know how comfortable I would be giving tips since I barely know enough about the game to get by. I've already made a number of leveling mistakes and buying spells I'll never use. I used the preorder staff for the longest time. It requires a bit of intelligence and faith. I then bought a bunch of miracles when I met the miracle lady. Ten minutes later I met the hexer guy and bought a bunch of hexes and stopped using miracles altogether. I'm still kind of shooting from the hip with everything I do.

Definitely not the most efficient way of doing things. :)

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I was summoned into someone else's game through my soap stone thing. He also summoned someone else, so there were three of us. We were just cruising, killing some dudes and then we got invaded. The three of us together didn't have too much trouble killing the invader. When he died I got over 170,000 souls, which seems ridiculous. I gained about 40 levels. Is this a normal amount of souls to get from an invader? What is the number of souls received based off of?

I recorded it:

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Quick Look confirmed!

Quick Look: Wargame: Red Dragon

VIDEO ON APR 30, 2014 09:00 AM

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I know Rorie has this one, but I thought it was so adorable when I saw it I'm posting it anyway.

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I cleared my schedule and dropped about 6 hours into the game (2 1/2~ hours on two characters and one hour on another character I promptly deleted). I don't know what I'm doing or where I'm going, but I've been enjoying it so far.

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I really like this series. I was a huge fan of Red Alert, Empire Earth, Age of Empires, and older RTS games but I feel like other than Starcraft 2 RTS games have been weaning in recent years. But when I played Wargame I was back on board. Shooting down planes with AA missiles and watching helicopters unleash a furry of missiles at tanks is a blast. The game also has an insane amount of units, it's awesome if you're a Cold War nerd.

The game seems very multiplayer focused, but I have yet to get the courage to play online.

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Why are they giving the PC version to press early? It's not like there would be an embargo since the console version has been out for a month. If it's done, give it to the masses!

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