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Games published by Nordic Games: We Sing, Kart Racer and Dance Party.

Well I guess that's the end of Darksiders.

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Wouldn't have been my first choice considering what Free Radical are currently working on. But at least they're mostly together, here's hoping they aren't named Crytek US.

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Slight correction Alex, SEGA purchased the Warhammer Fantasy license, which was taken from EA and was then given to Creative Assembly.

What has happened to the WH40k license is still unknown. Hopefully SEGA will pick it up and let Relic continue making Dawn of War 3.

Also great article, still bummed about Vigil.

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It might win Europe's fighter of the year in 2014 at this rate.

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It was the same shit with THQ last year, nothing appeared on Steam because of GAME.

GAME stores barely have one shelf devoted to PC games and most of it is shovelware or learning software, not to mention they recently went bankrupt, yet they're fighting against Steam for PC exclusives?

Losing your job always sucks but GAME should have been left to rot.

@Fallen189: Green Man Gaming have it for £25.

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Joystiq/Polygon/Siliconera for news/articles.

Giantbomb/Rev3 Games for videocontent.

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Amazing news, Rev3 games make some great video content.

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@Z3RO180: You can't. But if you buy a sword it will replace it as they share the same slot.

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I found Haytham to be a much better character than Connar. He had actual motivation and reasons behind what he was doing, he was not inherently evil and you could understand his decisions. He was fighting for Order while Connar was just killing people for revenge.

Why was Connar even an Assassin? He had no real reason to be one, he just wanted to protect his people and kill anyone who would harm them. He whines at Haytham for killing an officer then goes on to slaughter 10 postman just to stop them delivering a message.

Like Haytham said, the Assassins were never about freedom, they were about peace, yet Connar starts a war just to get closer to the man who killed his mother (who was on Washingtons orders yet he seems to let that go without issue).

Maybe Connar will become an actual Assassin in the inevitable spinoffs much like Ezio did, but I had a hard time agreeing with anything Connar did in this game.