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It's pretty much an online magazine. Which makes a change from the hundreds of gaming blogs out there.

GB has video content covered, but I'll probably use Polygon for news from now on.

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I was really pumped for this game back in August, following streams and tournaments, had a group of friends all willing to learn characters and play in lobbies. Now I really don't care, the game is dead in the tournament scene already as everyone has moved onto TTT or gone back to Marvel. I'll pick it up for the story mode but I have no plans to play it beyond that anymore.

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Real disappointed, Darksiders is an amazing franchise and without Joe we won't see a third or at the very least it won't be the same.

Which makes the fact that both games built up to the same cliffhanger even worse.

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I'm yet to encounter any "memes" and I'm 10 hours in, it's pretty funny in spots.

However the irony of the Giantbomb community complaining about memes is much funnier.

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As predicted, the game will probably be dead in the tournament scene before we even get to touch it.

Lets hope they can at least beat the 12 month delay that Blazblue had.

Yes, I'm still bitter I can't import.

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He's making a Marvel ARPG where you can play as Rocket Raccoon? That's far more interesting.

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I'm sure he's too busy training up Johnny/Akiba for MGS5.

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The setting is the most interesting thing about this game and probably the reason I'll pick it up. Shame there's no Cantonese audio track though, some of the accents seem very off.

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3-4 years have past, they can't still be wearing school uniforms.

Besides, I like Mitsurus new coat, it's good to see Koromaru didn't go to waste.

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I love grinding, gives me time to catch up on podcasts.