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Vigil, Volition and Relic are some of my favourite developers, really hope they can keep going.

Also that DS2 collectors edition is looking pretty sweet.

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Tactics Ogre if you have a PSP somewhere, PSN has it.

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Great news, was worried she had got out of the gaming industry, hadn't worked on any games for a while but was obviously keeping something quiet.

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I'm fine with this, it gives me at least 6 months of Planetside2 before PSO2 takes over my life.

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Chie's Galalic Punt was pretty amazing.

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This is a great way to kill your game in the tournament scene, great job Atlus.

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"I refuse to learn the history of a country I'll never see."

Just wow.

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Kind of avoided the genre before then.

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I'm a little disappointed there's no audio clip of the staff trying their best dwarf impressions, but hardcore Dave in a beard is acceptable.

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GB community can be very picky, I do not envy them trying to find new staff that fits in, remember what happened to Brad Nicholson and to some extent still Patrick.

There would be no nasty comments in the Rorie articles, just saying.