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At the very basic level It's a third person ARPG like Diablo.

Ask people why they enjoy Diablo.

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Lack of Planetside 2 wins is disturbing.

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I don't see how anyone on Giantbomb can be surprised by this considering the well known fact that Gary Whitta had barely started script for ep4 when the first episode was released. Most of the anger is coming from people who assumed the game was finished and they were just going to release it in episodes. Fact is, the episodes aren't done.

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@Rohok: The cert system was horrible if you take 5minutes to look at it, everyone had the same HA/Rexo/Medic/Eng certs which bred the perfect lonewolf soldier. Changing it to a class system promotes teamwork as you can no longer do everything on your own.

As for your other issues, kill cam is gone and MBTs can now be modded to allow passenger gunners. SoE is actually listening to vets and are even giving us priority beta access.

Anyway, you forget the thing that made PS1 so great was the community, it's returning for PS2 in droves. Every day old CR5s and Outfits are returning to PS1 in wait for PS2.

Other than the pacing, the only major change is the shooting and that was/still is straight up broken in PS1.

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A challenge.

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Planetside 2 did it right, although I'm sure someone will still find it offensive.

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It was pretty easy to platinum, backup your save onto a USB if you decide to do the 4th ending first.

I would advise against skipping side quests, Nier has some great side quests because of the interactions Nier and his party have. Some of them are also pretty tragic which helps add to the feel of the world.

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The original Planetside is one of my all time favourite games and instead of watching E3 interviews on gamespot/spike, I spent the whole time watching the Planetside 2 livestream.

The first game was my reason for dropping out of college, the sequel is going to cost me my job.

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Planetside 2, watched all 6 hours of the livestream and it's everything I could of hoped for.

Last Of Us gets runners up.

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A peasant from an obscure RTS.