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Someone, somewhere, will complain either way.

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South Park and Tomb Raider were the most interesting parts. The gameplay of TR they showed on gametrailers was much more interesting than the stuff they showed on stage.

Also I could swear Laras breasts are getting bigger every time they show that game.

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@BionicRadd: "You don't have to use it" is a terrible argument. You're expected to use it to make it through Inferno, the game has been designed around money sinks so that Blizzard can make money. Begging for free gear in public games or even trading is very different from opening the AH and buying the best gear.

This has been discussed hundreds of times anyway, enough.

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I think the AH ruined the game for me at Inferno, it became a game about trying to make money to buy loot, rather than playing to find loot. There's no joy in finding items because I know I already have better from the AH and that's depressing.

So I rerolled and started playing hardcore, where it has become a game about survival and I'm enjoying it again, although I'd still rather be playing Dragons Dogma.


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Something else to put on your CV.

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Between insane lag, getting booted, not getting achievements, being unable to talk in chat, unable to group with others and having to spend half the evening on the login screen, I'm losing the will to play.

I've actually gotten to the point where I'm almost hoping my hardcore character will die just so I no longer have a reason to put up with this.

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Good, it needs a sequel, they got a lot right the first time but giving them another go at it would let them do some amazing things.

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Sad to see that Rorona has become Christmas cake and was turned into a 5 year old.

Damn it Japan, would it really hurt to let Rorona hit 26?

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I agree with Dave, this whole thing is amazing.

Edit: First thing he does when logging into the FPS view is look down to see if he has legs, must be Russian Vinny playing.

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@Yummylee: Actually I wasn't replying to you so no I didn't read your post but my points still stand. Adding in fast travel isn't the way to solve your issues, all they need to do is make so you need to travel to previous areas less.

Simple things like adding in the Rift Crystal merchant in every town would stop you having to run back to the encampment. Clustering quests together so you pick up 4-5 quests for the same area at once, rather than sending you there 4-5 different times.

Hell, even the ability to hire a horse for a certain route after finishing up enough quests in that area.

Why are people opposed to the option of fast travel? Because if it's there people will use it and the game will be heavily based around doing so. It's the same reason people are so against stuff like an Easy difficulty for Dark Souls, once you add something like that in, the games philosophy changes and it's no longer about being tough when anyone can finish it.