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For £3 on Steam it was great, but not sure I would of paid more. Torchlight 2 with multiplayer however, will be a different story.

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The new Generals will never be as good as Visari and Rico is a total twat, but it does look alot better than Killzone 2, looking forward to it.

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They were pretty good, but only if you're into ME, otherwise they wouldn't really hold up. The downside is afterwards I kinda liked Saren more than Anderson, he came off as a love sick idiot who almost blew the whole operation, very unprofessional, at least Saren got the job done, even if it was unorthodox.   
Will pickup the newest one before ME3 for sure.

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@Seiken_Enhasa said:
" You have one choice, just one partner you can take with you at the outset of your mission. Will you pick Solid Snivy, Tepig Boss, or Revolver Oshawott?
That is the greatest thing ever.
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2011s 2010 GOTY ME2?  
Bring on the dlc.

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@NekuSakuraba said:
" Is this available to all three Stalker games? I am going to start with number one of course and work my way through.   Also, why is Clear Sky never on sale? It looks great, "
Clear Sky was a different publisher so it's kind of awkward, also it had alot of issues with bugs and crashes, most has been fixed but it's still not up to the others standards.
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It's a great game, just required too much grinding to find weapon parts, need to go back some day.

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Already bought the S.T.A.L.K.E.R bundle, Alpha Protocol and Dead Space, but first new game will probably be Dead Space 2 or ME2 on PS3.

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Complete 2009 is a must. Realistic Weapons optional but I think it changes it for the better.
Lurk if you like stealth gameplay, it lets you kill human enemies without alerting everyone nearby.

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Last year wasn't great for the PS3 in terms of exclusives, but indeed this year is looking more like 2009, maybe even better.  
Also my launch PS3 has never had any issues.