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I loved the game, but man, was that ending rushed! Damn the realities of game development!!

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Oh my god we have to wait a year for all of this

We don't! Second part comes out in April! =D


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Just read the Important Message story and user comments on Gamespot then came here and read this article and the user comments. Giantbomb has such a positive user base. For me it's about figuring out who to ignore and sticking to it.

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@nightriff: no thats it i read your comment wrong and thought you werent sure as well and were just taking a random guess as to where the food was coming from lol my bad i got confused, so yeah im guessing Max or Patrick didnt see that since Patrick didn't seem to say anything either

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kH0P-CA7ntE this video

Totally forgot about that scene, haven't seen it since I bought the box set. Thanks for the link. I was pretty sure he was talking about the drops but not certain. On one hand I hope they don't keep making references without explaining them in the podcast, but then again thanks to you guys.

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Will I be able to channel my Steam Machine through my Xbox One?

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@palaeomerus: Agreed. People are such victims of their expectations.

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You disappoint me Giantbomb.

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This is great news. They were all really bad people.

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Offering my thumbs up to the last paragraph as well after reading the eye-roll inducing comments from internetters across the... internet.

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@Branthog: Fortunately not for me. I just played for about an hour, no crashes to desktop. I was very concerned last night. I'm very happy now.