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Will I be able to channel my Steam Machine through my Xbox One?

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@palaeomerus: Agreed. People are such victims of their expectations.

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You disappoint me Giantbomb.

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This is great news. They were all really bad people.

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Offering my thumbs up to the last paragraph as well after reading the eye-roll inducing comments from internetters across the... internet.

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@Branthog: Fortunately not for me. I just played for about an hour, no crashes to desktop. I was very concerned last night. I'm very happy now.

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Good news. AConsidering all I had to do to get the game smooth with little pop in was to lower the resolution, I suppose now I can just hope for smooth play at higher resolutions.

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@xaLieNxGrEyx said:

I don't understand why people still buy 360's I don't mean this in a fanboy insulting way I'm actually really curious What are you playing?

Seems pretty easy to guess. If they didn't already own an 360 then they are potentially playing a lot of games. If they did already own a 360, perhaps they had to purchase a new one after their old one died, so they can play the games they are already playing, watching Netflix, etc. Everyone I know that owns an 360 is on their second 360.

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