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I'm excited for this and A Hat in Time. Finally, after all these 2D platformers it's time for 3D platformers to come back.

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Second monitor. I just have something on at all times when I'm using my computer or eating.

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This is probably my favorite open world game. With GTAIV being my least favorite.

I never understood what people were talking about when they complained about the driving, it felt very arcadey, just how I like it.

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Where's Senran Kagura?

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X because my brother is getting Y. I haven't looked into the differences though.

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All the other Tomb Raider games that Crystal Dynamics made were good I don't see why this one wouldn't be. I had pre-ordered this the second they put it on Steam.

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I had problems with HTML 5 videos crashing on Chrome what I did was go to chrome://flags/ and enabled the 'Disable hardware-accelerated video decode.' option. I don't know if the problem was Chrome or upgrading to Windows 8 but it works now.

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@JazGalaxy said:

It took me forever to figure this out, but it appears that you get one costume for beating the arcade mode at each difficulty level. That is to say, beating arcade with Tina got me one costume. I didn't get another until I increased the difficulty level. I cant see myself ever beating the ame at any harder level though...

You also get the costumes for going through Time Attack and Survival.

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I was kind of hoping for all new costumes but I'll still buy these. Hope is reasonably priced.

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There's a bug in DOA5 where you have to switch to Japanese voices every time you start the game up but they are there.