How 'bout them cars?

I recently wrecked a 99 Dodge Intrepid.

Now I'm repairing it.

The Intrepid had some rough front end damage from the accident, and I'm actually getting a kick out of getting hands on with the project - which I didn't expect.

Wanted to know if any other bombers have been in similar situations (minus the car wreck..unless that applies - if so, doesn't that shit suck!)


Seriously, what is it?

I just got access to a bunch of old snes games; some of which are Final Fantasy titles.

I know that the numbers differ from the U.S to Japan, and was trying to remember Brad's favorite Final Fantasy.

So what is it? Also, what's your favorite and why? I got some time to kill, and some gaming to fill. (that felt good)


Mass Effect: Saving the Galaxy....again & again

After listening to the most recent Bombcast; Brad talks about his lost ME play through, and how it would be less than ideal/fun to play through a second time making the same decisions as the your "original."

The comment bothered me because I've through ME 1 & 2 a whole bunch an embarrassing number.

Sometimes it's a HD format: (lost save) Other times it's achievement/trophy based. Sometimes it's just been a couple months. lol

I'm sure that since it's the GB staffs JOB to play the latest games, they probably don't have time to shoot through titles they've already completed, but Brad and Vinny seemed to dislike the idea regardless.

I just wanted to ask fellow bombers if they find themselves repeating the "Galaxy Saving"? If so, what are your reasons?

P.s - Cannot WAIT to jump into ME 3 . . ....once I finish up my current pc play through of the 2. lol :p


Stunning Technology

Quantic Dream never fails to impress with their technological splendor, but the latest video, "Kara" is possibly their finest yet.

The video seems to pull a various amount of emotion from the viewer not unlike Quantic Dreams "Heavy Rain," but the fidelity in this particular video struck me as a well placed step into another side of our entertainment industry.


To all my Bombers who ACL'd this weekend...

Whoop-die whoop nigga what!!!

hahaha Such a freakin awesome show! I know I saw some of those Members Only shirts and went wild!

Hope you guys had a good safe time at ACL this year, thank god for the drizzle mid day - thought I was going to overheat for sure lol.

Now that all of my circuits are completely fried, I'm gonna catch up on some dead island and relax.



Mass Effect Day!

Today Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 1 are on Steam sale.
Mass Effect 1 is 75% off and rings up a $4.99!
Mass Effect 2 is 40% off and is selling for $23.99!
Both are great deals and must buys in my opinion.


The Flat One

Just finished watching the Sony Conference and was unimpressed overall.
At times during the viewing I felt like I was being persuaded rather than entertained, but it definitely had it's moments. 
Personal favorite was the moment GLaDos spoke and Gabe Newell came on stage, absolutely an "Oh Shit" moment.
And I must say that Portal 2 trailer was pretty cool.
In a day and age where exclusivity seems to be the least of everyone's concern, Sony has made it a focal point.
Oh, and no new handheld? I thought the overall opinion of the Go was that it was a mistake?


Nintendid Good

So Nintendo's Conference was pretty good, it had enough announcements and dates to make even the most battle hardened Nintendo fan pleased. 
The 3DS officially has me interested and a new Legend of Zelda is just what I needed.
No sign of the aforementioned 3D Animal Crossing, but all in due time I suppose.
E3 Continues to deal a good hand!
(Apologies for the poor word play in the title, couldn't help myself.)


Uber Excited!

I'm so pleased with E3 so far, every year I seem to forget just how exciting it all is.
The announcements are wrapped in shiny, and the journalists are as giddy as kid on Christmas morning. (As if that analogy isn't used enough.) 
That last minute 360 redesign notice nearly made me dance.
Anyhooooo, just layin' out my initial feelings on E3, hope everyone is having as much fun as I.