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It's one of those shows where I can enjoy the re-runs.
Although I am a Seinfeld fan.

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Its about time someone made such a bold statement on these forums.

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go watch old southpark

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Posted by Willy105

Southpark sucks.

The old Family Guy's are great though.

The new Simpsons are the best though.

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Posted by ez123
@Willy105 said:
" Southpark is great.

The old Family Guy's are okay.

The old Simpsons are the best though. "
Hey, I changed your post to reflect my feelings.
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Posted by Brendan

I laughed when I saw this was a blog post.  Don't worry, get it all off your chest, really.  We don't care how long it is.

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Hooray for opinions!!!

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I am not a Seinfeld fan.

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This thread delivers.

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@Willy105 said:
"Southpark sucks.
Them's fighting words.