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Holy shit just in time!

Im literally booting up Peace Walker on my Vita right now!

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I don't know about you duders, but I have gaming back list. Some are more shameful than others, but I try my best to complete the ones nagging at me.

I have alot of games on Steam. Some of which I played through halfway, stopped for some reasons =sf asdkfjhasdjkfaskdjfaklsdjMy luck I got up the cop shot again richochet FUCK GETTIN HIT!

So why don't we, or I, have more control ov everbody gotta die sometime bullets tear through the innocent too many times too many nines they bust we bust! THE TIME IS NOW.

I just want to be able to control my ability to immerse myself into games.

I think my mood dictates how much I enjoy some games to often.

Anyone feel the same? Anyone have a hard time finishing a game the first time, then came back with a different attitude and loved it?

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@syz said:

Samurai Champloo baseball episode.

Detroit Metal City.

Yuuuuuuuup. That baseball episode is fucking amazing.

I think anyone can enjoy Champloo.

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I would LOVE a sequel or reboot of the original Xbox game Breakdown.

I really enjoyed that game and, at the time, was blown away by the dedication to the first person perspective.

It was original in ways that not many games at the time were attempting. I got it in an Easter basket my mother gave me and spent the entirety of the holiday playing it.

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All of the Metal Gears have differences in cover art by region, but all of them are equally awesome.

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@d_mac said:

I think your problem is that you're hung up on thinking that Giant Bomb is meant to be impartial. When you get over that, you'll start having a lot more fun.


But I kinda see an angle where there's no need to point out PS4's upper hand so often. But that's really grabbing for straws.

Silly Straws.

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It looks great as always.

Though I'd share it on here, as Giant Bomb is pretty much the only game site I regular and they haven't uploaded it yet.

What do you guys think?

I think the addition of a stealth movement is welcome and HOLY SHIT NOTRE DAME CATHEDRAL LOOKS NICE!

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I want this game so bad it's ridiculous.

I want a PC release date even more.