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@legion_: I really enjoyed the show. The chat turned positive for a bit when Koji Kondo started, but quickly declined again when Imagine Dragons played their song.

Keighley did a great job, and props to everyone who was involved - they gave off a humble vibe and delivered some great stuff.

And no disrespect to anyone who is cynical in the chat, as we all have that side to us. Just don't let it get in the way of allowing yourself to enjoy stuff.

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I personally didn't enjoy Sera either. I felt like it was an office in joke that made it into the game.

Once I got past Iron Bull's initial voice acting, (I felt like I could hear the the struggle to keep the "voice" going)

I really enjoyed him. Cassandra and Varric have the best moments for me, but that may play into my enjoyment of DA2.

Solas was initially very interesting because of his interest into the fade, but I ended up having a party that mostly consisted of Vivianne, Cassandra, and Iron bull.

I'm lvl. 23 right now and I might swap Varic for Iron bull.

Anyway, game is fucking great. It has obvious flaws but it's so damn good that it's easy to just blow them off.

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I gave Cassandra the latest copy of her favorite series of books, I hope she liked it.

It would be so fucking rad to put Hawke in my party.

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I don't know if it made it Stateside, but Icona Pop has a song called I Love It that has the worst verse / chorus switch.


I crashed my car into the bridge...


I don't care!

It's in so many commercials, and understanding the lyrics, I can't help but think how stupid it is to crash your car and be so proud of it.

Holy shit I hate that song so god damn much.

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I've been playing like a madman for around 50 ish hours and just hit level twenty. (not in one sitting)

I don't want to miss any story stuff so I've been taking the completionist route and have been trying to 100% zones before moving on.

I went Hinterlands, Forbiden Oasis, Fallow Mire,Val Royeaux, Storm Coast. I'm at the snowy place with the giant broken bridge now. Some zones can't be fully completed until later on as they require shards, war table quests, etc.

Dammit I really really really enjoy this game too.

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@schlorgan: I have an Afterglow 360 wired controller. I've been searching around for solutions to no avail.

I had a problem with Dark souls on pc where it thought one of my usb hid devices was a controller - and i had to disable it to have the controller respond.

Tried that with this with no luck.

If I come across any solutions I'll be sure to share em with you.

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I can't get my controller to work with the PC version of the game.

Character creation is fan-fucking-tastic though.

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Let's maybe not jump to "fuck Rebellion," as the article states that it's a company of 250 people.

I think it's a safe assumption that not all 250 people wanted to sue in this case. In fact, I'd say it was most likely a few rude higher ups.

Either way though, fuck Rebellion games, as god damn they are so bad. And all 250 people had a hand in em.

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I find myself playing FF7 once every two or three years, and it's great.

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Fuck all you pink is purple commie motherfuckers.