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@animasta: I'm so sorry for your loss man! Take it easy, and cherish the memories - nothing wrong with grieving.

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Your gonna get drunk, alot.

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The tongue looks like a benydryll.

Great work though!

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Tom hanks is freaking me out man.

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Yeah, you should probably start with an actual question.

I'm sure someone can help.

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Fuck yes.

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@onemanx said:

@fitzgerald said:

So can we all agree that Watch Dogs is a bad, overrated game now?

Overrated? Yes.

Bad? Nope.

The gunplay is fun, manipulating the world during firefights is fun, mind-trips area fun discractionand the 1-v-1 hacking is pretty intense (if you actually care about it) It's trying to be more than what it is, and it has good pieces, but none of them gel together all that well.

But, I will agree with the sentiment, Aiden sucks as a main character.

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The game felt like it was made by ALOT of people in medium sized chunks.

The side activities really helped me pad out the hard turns in the story beats, but overall I thought it was just really fun gameplay.

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@medacris: My father doesn't really understand why I enjoy video games as much as I do either. However, the thing I have found best is to respect his opinion.

He has most definitely lived longer than you have and believes that playing games is a waste of time on this earth.

Honestly, logic dictates that he is probably right. Living life actively i.e not sitting in one position exploring another world, may actually be pretty awesome.

But I really like video games.....like alot. So I try and balance. I throw myself into something HE spends his time doing, with the same level of enthusiasm I carry when I jump into a new game. All in hopes of easing the thought in his mind that says, "what is my son doing with his life."

And when I have a son, I'm going to spend time doing whatever it is my son wants to do. <3

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I had a similar experience to yours in that my memories of Morrowind are vivid.

I don't think I'd ever encountered a game like it before putting it in my Xbox, and I'm not even sure what got me to purchase it - I think I just really enjoyed character creation tools at the time and saw that it had one. I just backspaced through about a paragraph of why I think Morrowinds atmosphere was so "heavy."

Loved reading your recollection! Great writing.