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Sick Sick Sick!

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My names VoshiNova, and I am an addict.

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Oh shit son! The Caravella brother is either eerily similar to his brother (which makes sense due to the fact they are, you know, brothers) or Vinny's long lost bro-bear is jackin' his style!

Offensive!? Yes!!!

Punishment? Break-dance fight in New York filmed by Spike Jonze!

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Thief: Deadly Shadows

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Apologies I suppose for being dismissive of the original OP.

I admit I didn't read it. I didn't really want too.

In fact, I don't really WANT to write this right now. But I got this keyboaaaaard maaaaaaayne!


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After 7 years of WoW, I can confidently say I will never listen to what the hyperbolic BNet forum community says. They've always been awful.

@sammo21 said:

Like @mariachimacabre said, the battlenet forums have been awful almost as far back as the World of Warcraft beta. I trust nothing that comes from that place. I am 100% sure the stability of the product will be fine when the game comes out.


The sad truth is that even with the awful forum posters and loudmouths of the internet - it will still do well.

Something about the whole, "let's rally against this game on the internet" thing is very off-putting.

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@cmblasko said:

Thinking of doing just that with Spelunky. Generally, though, I buy games well after their release date so I don't really get to talk about them with the internet.

Do it Do it Do it~! ^_^

And Fez for me. I really just wanted the soundtrack to be honest - but I just HAD to know what the crew was talking about with secrets/decoding etc.

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And congratulations! He/she is extremely adorable! <3