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What also makes me laugh: people who think women are so weak that they need to be saved from depictions of rape.

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People getting upset over a single rape in their mass murder game makes me laugh.

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Whatever that horrible House of the Dead-like Kinect "horror" game he played was.

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Vinny/Drew Tie Fighter play through.

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@sternone said:

As a laywer, I think its an interesting question whether or not the use of the likenesses of existing, real firearms would be a fair use or a trademark violation. At first glance, this seems like a pretty straightforward situation - EA likely cannot legally use actual trademarked names and likenesses of existing firearms without acquiring licensing rights from the license holders, as in, the gun manufacturers. The logic is exactly the same as to say, a car in a racing game.

Likeness/design are well protected in the firearm industry and has been enforced by law with increasing regularity. I doubt they care about most smaller games using their IP, but someone large like Activision and EA making money off their property would likely cause a lawsuit.

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I think you overestimate the actual support for the legislation. The grassroots movement against it was large.

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@golguin said:

As a follow up to my last post I would like to ask everyone here who defends guns if they understand the politics that the gay issue and immigration issue is having on the gun issue.

A great many firearm enthusiasts are libertarian. This is even more prevalent among those engaged online. There is little love of the Republican party out there.

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Also if they wanted background checks all they would have to do is open the NICS system up, but instead they wanted to create a de facto registry. This is why the legislation got voted down.

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@you_died: Weapons from other states easily effect their neighbors.

Firearm transactions that cross state lines already require an FFL (and thus, background check) intermediary. If you bring up smuggling then you might as well bring up Chinese AKs brought in through opium lanes via drug runners. Look at Mexico to see how well those have worked out.

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@turambar said:

That's where the argument always goes, and that's where it always falls apart. Studies have already shown in the past that a family with a firearm has a higher chance of injuring themselves than a criminal, from the American Pediatrics Society to Harvard. Lets drop that crap shall we?

What's the worst is that the baby boomer generation hasn't passed on basic gun handling/training from their parents to their children. So young adults are coming of age to purchase firearms with no training. There are no target shooting classes in school anymore, and they are getting rare in collages. It's pretty apparent to anyone that has been to a range.