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Man...... a whoooooooooooole day.

I don't know if I can maaaake it.

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Long time, but on this weeks ILM they said it will be a Tony Hawk themed TNT. Jeff, after saying that joked about playing his puzzle fighter cabinet.

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It looks like dropbox keeps backups of deleted files. Screened is still there too.

I'm hitting the restore button right now. Hold on to your butts.

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heard it

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@h0lgr said:

EDIT: OH! BTW @B0nd07: do I have to upload this thing to Dropbox or something like that?

Yeah, if you sign up for an account then pm me the email address you used to sign up with I'll send an invite tonight. There are folders for each game on tnt where you would place your image.

Nice job btw.

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@B0nd07 said:

Oh hey, an early announcement for once! Next week will be Trenched Iron Brigade: Rise of the Martian Bear.

Awesome, and congrats for last week.

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@B0nd07: Thanks

I will have to catch this one on the replay as i was sound asleep during.

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@SpartanAmbrose: You assume you can even get rid of cool baby with a gunshot.

@B0nd07: Yeah ps is usually a good boy, and so am I with saving..... but you know, it seems to know when you are slacking on saving and crashes just to make you feel bad. In fact I think all adobe products only crash when you haven't saved for a long time. Also grats on this week.

And yes, that is a Mr. Fusion.

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Had more work done on it, then ps told me "im going to crash now since you haven't saved in awhile" and it did. Unfortunately I'm committed to other things right now.