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This was a great UPF.

Brad has to stop being a cranky old man though - that's Jeff's role.

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More of hearing Brad breath into the microphone.

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Jeff Gerstmann not liking a big ol' RPG that is otherwise getting stellar reviews? Say it ain't so.

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Brad has a shit load of Xbox 360 games. Holy shit.

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Chalk me up for the first time ever agreeing with Jeff: Mario Party fucking sucks. Always has, always will.

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I'm curious if Drew will be as apathetic to this game as I was.

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Jeff fucking MURDERED in that penguin suit. Just so nonchalant like he wears it every day, so why would it require attention?

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Honestly, then I think you need to get better at judging things for yourself. I wanted to wait for the review of The Evil Within before I bought it, but only to see if it was like secretly hot broken garbage in some major way, but I didn't wait, I bought it, and I loved the hell out of it. There were two chapters in the 15 chapters in the game that I felt were a real bummer, everything else was pretty damn good, it's like a mixture of Resident Evil with Silent Hill and that's absolutely awesome, there's also some kickass nods to Resident Evil 1 in the game.

But his experience is nothing like mine, my game didn't crash once, I understood the story well enough(yes it's convoluted and confusing, but the plot is easy to understand.) and I thought the gameplay was great, they do introduce mechanics and then like drop them for significant portions of the game which is weird but I wouldn't say that's bad. It's still a great game, it's scarier than Alien and most other horror games these days and it's the only survival horror game that's come out since fuckin Dead Space or RE4.

I completely disagree on your first statement. How can I judge something if I don't have anything to base it on except someone else's opinion? Buy it myself? That's a waste of money, and I'm not signing up for GameFly or something like that. I don't use my disposal income in that way, nor do I think most people do. I've learned a long time ago to not blindly pre-order games that I'm not 100% sure I will like. It makes much more sense to lean on word-of-mouth and the like to make me say "hey, I trust this dude's opinion, so if he says it's good I'll keep it on my radar. If he says it is fantastic then I'll definitely be getting it soon."

Granted, if this was someone like Jeff saying he didn't like the game, then my influence would be swayed less. As I said, it's all about someone that I trust their opinion. I don't trust Jeff's because I know his likes are much different than mine.

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@red_piano: And to me, that's what a review is - a person's opinion on what makes the game good, bad, or in between. Patrick was assigned to this review because he's a horror fan. Alex gets sports games because he hates himself. Drew gets flight sims, etc. Even if Giantbomb doesn't do large reviews much anymore (Quick Looks have replaced them), each person has their niche, so of course their bias is going to draw heavily on their past influences.

Is it right? I don't know. Maybe Jeff should institute a formal review system that isn't about opinion. I hope he doesn't though - that shit is boring to me. GB affects my buying choices because I often find that my likes coincide with theirs (except for Jeff's - he's an insanely knowledgeable guy but he gives up on games far too quickly based on the immediate first impressions).

For Patrick to say "I think the story is shit, I have no idea what's going on" is good info for me to have, because if I'm going to have the same thoughts then I want to know that going in. I don't want to be confused walking around hallways even if the graphics are nice and the soundtrack is pretty. If I don't like the gameplay, then I won't like the game.

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@theacidskull said:

@vrikk said:

We are destroying Patrick because he was opinionated about the game and why he didn't like it? When he is well known as the horror fan of the site?

Ok then. Guess that's what we're doing now. It's stupid as fuck, but whatever.

I, on the other hand, enjoyed this review. Sucks the game doesn't live up to its potential, but he saved me $60.

No on is destroying anyone. We are disagreeing and offering our take on the game.

Maybe "destroying" was the wrong word, but I saw people saying this review was (paraphrasing) pointless because all he was doing was complaining about the game, and because he was late with doing so. If this is how reviews should work, then I understand reviews wrong.

And I know that not everyone is dissecting Patrick's review, so don't think I'm painting a broad brush.