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I keep hearing that EA will patch in a lot of the missing functionality, so I'm curious if people are waiting for this to happen to make the jump from NHL 14, or if it's well known that 15 will never be worth it.

I'm still playing 14, and like it, but if the online community starts to shuffle to the new hotness, I want to know. I'm sure it looks good on the PS4...

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I think Joel made the horrible, selfish choice. Which is exactly what I would have done if I was in the same position as him.


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""First thing we do is make the properties relevant in the 21st century with online and social features," he said."

Mmmmm, no. Good luck with that, though. If all you do is free to play crap, you are doomed.

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I agree that if Sarah is the main character in Season 3, I'm not playing. I don't find her fascinating at all, mainly because she's stupid as a brick and won't come out of her "life is magical and fun let's be friends" world.

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I hope if the Bombers mention Ryan, it'll be nothing more than something like "fuck you, you loveable piece of shit" and move on with the show. Something short, amusing, and in the right mindset to let everyone know that they still think about him, they still miss him, but they can still move on.

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Saga Frontier 1 on the PSX. What a load of rubbish.

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Welcome aboard, you two. I don't really get what people were getting upset about (I've not read the site in the past couple of days), so I'm assuming it's because people thought GB was going to hire some random people instead of "friends of the site". Is that what people are upset about?

If so... sorry guys. GB is a small site. They are personality-driven. If it wasn't blatantly obvious that Dan was going to join the site then I don't know what to tell you. If you thought that any of us random fans had a chance, then... yeah. You've not been here long.

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Just saw it last night. Pretty fantastic. The trailer sold me on it, and the film itself was good. I wish they put in a little more backstory about exactly what was going on that caused the war to happen, but it's a small gripe.

Overall, very good.

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I listen to sports radio on the way and from work. Sometimes podcasts, but honestly that (and Pandora) are reserved for long stretches at work when I don't have meetings. I hate the quiet, so I need some sort of background noise at all times.

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I remember when he was working at Gamers With Jobs. Then he left for The Escapist, then for Polygon. So what's next? I don't know.

Honestly I've not followed him since he left GWJ (his podcast there was my first 'cast addiction in high school), so I don't understand the hate for him or Polygon in this thread. Either way, best of luck to that bald fool.

...heck, I remember when he had a pony tail and cut it off. That was a big day.