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12-13k I think. I was real pissed off since it was around the time that it would have netted me two levels, then I beat a boss and got 20k, so my anger was shortlived.

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Never mind, I found out - I chose the wrong covenant to join :(

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So I just reallocated my points with the Soul Vessel. Now I can't seem to summon people when I'm human, or place my summon sign when I'm undead. Is this a known trait? Or are the servers just acting wonky right now? Or is something else entirely causing me to not join in on the multiplayer?

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Yup, Pate hadn't given me the stone yet. I thought I had talked to him completely, but nope - one more important bit to give. That's a Souls game for you.

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Sure am!

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Ah. Yup - the multiplayer fixes it! I get back to human if I help kill a boss, AND I get souls. Thanks!

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I loved Dark Souls, and am currently playing through Dark Souls 2. HOWEVER I have never played Demon's Souls much beyond the point of a very quick curiosity when it came out. I died, got scared, and never played again.

Now I want to go back and play it, but is it popular enough to play co-op/summon in others to help? I've played Souls games solo for the most part, but if a boss starts to give me trouble I've liked having the option of summoning help right outside a gate. Is this too old for it to be feasible? I don't want to wait for half an hour for a summon sign to show up.

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I, for some reason, do not have any of the white stones needed to place my sign. I have a cracked red orb to banish phantoms, though. Do you get one at a certain part of the story? Do I buy it...?


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Say you suck at the game, and keep trying to farm some dudes so you get enough souls to buy weapons, levels, shards, whatever. But you keep dying, and dying enough that you cannot get back to your body to retrieve your stuff. This means you lose your souls that you've gathered up to that point.

THEN you do this dying loop enough times that the bad guys you were farming disappear and there's no one left that you can easily killed. So you are screwed.

Is this possible? I've seen some enemies disappear on me, but they were too low in level to be of much use anymore, which I'm assuming was From Software's intention with this new mechanic, but... I'm paranoid like Rorie is in one of the most recent videos. I don't want to lose souls, and when I have them I want to use them correctly since it's a finite resource now.

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That's a full year away :(