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More than one topic for this why...?

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People still care about Smash Brothers?

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I already have a PS3. It has PS1 and PS2 game emulation.

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Just beat Iron Keep. In The Shaded Grove right now. I don't like this place.

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Lightning paladin. He's all Lightning Spear, Lightning Mace +9, and full armor. Bad ass dude. He's 40 in both Strength and Faith, with about 25 in Vit, End.

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I will. This game has hooked me for the first time in a long time. In addition, it'll be the first game I've ever done NG+ for.

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I don't get why we are praising this randomness.

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This sounds like a bad thing. More Farmville and Mob Wars requests, but now straight to your headset. Micro transactions, updates about the shit you don't care your friends are doing, just... blech.

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Funny, I just tried to listen to some old podcasts, got pissed that they aren't working for some reason, then decided to browse this forum because I was bored. Coincidence.

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I love spam.