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See thread title. I've helped kill bosses in other players' games, and when I return to my own world I'm still undead. What gives? Is it not as straight forward as I thought?

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I cannot stop playing this game. It's all I want to do with my free time. I'm forcing myself to not play tonight since I've put in 15 hours since Friday.

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12-13k I think. I was real pissed off since it was around the time that it would have netted me two levels, then I beat a boss and got 20k, so my anger was shortlived.

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Never mind, I found out - I chose the wrong covenant to join :(

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So I just reallocated my points with the Soul Vessel. Now I can't seem to summon people when I'm human, or place my summon sign when I'm undead. Is this a known trait? Or are the servers just acting wonky right now? Or is something else entirely causing me to not join in on the multiplayer?

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Yup, Pate hadn't given me the stone yet. I thought I had talked to him completely, but nope - one more important bit to give. That's a Souls game for you.

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Sure am!

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Ah. Yup - the multiplayer fixes it! I get back to human if I help kill a boss, AND I get souls. Thanks!

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I loved Dark Souls, and am currently playing through Dark Souls 2. HOWEVER I have never played Demon's Souls much beyond the point of a very quick curiosity when it came out. I died, got scared, and never played again.

Now I want to go back and play it, but is it popular enough to play co-op/summon in others to help? I've played Souls games solo for the most part, but if a boss starts to give me trouble I've liked having the option of summoning help right outside a gate. Is this too old for it to be feasible? I don't want to wait for half an hour for a summon sign to show up.

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I, for some reason, do not have any of the white stones needed to place my sign. I have a cracked red orb to banish phantoms, though. Do you get one at a certain part of the story? Do I buy it...?