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Thank God they didn't forget Pickle the Parrot.

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Earbuds are earbuds. As many have said, get something around $30-$40 (Sennheiser), and call it a day. It's not worth shelling out a lot of cash for someone you can easily lose.

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It's essential.

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Someone watches Adult Swim.

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But how do us neckbeards heat up our boiling Hot Pockets?

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And people wonder why the Vita is in the shitter.

Wait, what?

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I use it. It's worthwhile for me. BUT I also pay for the content on sites I really like, and frequent. I don't know if it offsets the ad money these sites would make if I didn't have Adblock on, but... meh. I hate ads. It's of benefit to me across the board.

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Yup. That's Hot Spot-era Ryan.


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Drew has a bit to go before he is good at podcasting, but the others are definitely taking up the charge where Ryan's absence is felt. Like stated, it is definitely there, and you can hear on a weekly basis that the crew is still very hurt and still grieving, but... it's getting better. They don't know what to do yet because it all blind sided them. I don't blame them.

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Bombcast just isn't the same.