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...what? Grow up.

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As others have said, Ryan's absence is very felt. He was great at keeping things moving, tying jokes together, and all around just chugging the 3-hour beast along.

Without him there, it's easy to see and hear that the group is trying to pick up the remains and put it back together. They will get it done, but they are still sad and a bit confused... and it shows. They hint often that they have been going out of their way to stay active, engaged, and otherwise doing things differently in both their professional and personal life because of how big of a hole Ryan left. I think they are afraid to be alone with their thoughts so they're trying things differently to stay away from it. I'm hoping they can get past it since it will become too much if they keep harping on it, but... I'd understand. Ryan was a great guy. I don't know how I'd be in their shoes.

RIP Taswell.

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@walkerd said:

Time to boot up the far superior Mother 3.


Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I don't know. They're so different.

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I'm so glad you enjoyed the game Patrick. There's reasons why it's my favorite game of all time, and I hope you experienced at least a portion of it. Just imagine how this game was beloved almost 20 years ago. Things have changed a lot.

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So I keep hearing from many places, our very own GB being one of them, that you can easily mess with the configuration of the game (give yourself more gold, etc.)

I've already beaten the game, so I want to have some fun. Can someone please tell me how to do this? I've looked around online but not found a whole much that was of use.

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My favorite PAX memory was seeing Rorie across a random room, yelling "Look, puppies!", and his head whipping around in frantic desperation to see. I don't think he ever knew who yelled it, or if there ever were pups, but damn if he wasn't excited.

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Other non-games-that-are-a-couple-hours-long-where-the-writing-is-the-focus-and-there-is-little-gameplay have rarely been that much.

To The Moon? 10 bucks.

Hey, there was combat in To The Moon.

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I'd still do her.

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Knack and Watch_Dogs for me for the PS4. The One is looking better and better, but I'm still holding out until about 6 months after it's been out.

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Earthbound was, and always will be, my favorite game of all time.