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...or do you have to boot up your console and go to your Download History? Knowing Nintendo, I imagine there's no way to look any of this up online due to their worry of kids online, plus I think games are locked to their consoles.

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Is Dennis still part of this?

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Phil Fish is a self-righteous asshat. It's a shame FEZ was such a good title too, since the man himself is annoying as can be.

Also, everyone lay off Patrick. It's getting old. Get better material.

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This is pretty fantastic, no matter when it was announced.

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Think real hard about it. I think people should get tattoos, but think real damn hard about it. Ryan's a great guy, and I was broken up as all can be when I found out he died, but... this will be with you forever.

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I bought it. I did my part.

I love this game. I probably won't play it (I've beat it probably 10 times over the last decade and a half), but... they deserve my $10 for finally bringing it out. Now the 5 people that own a Wii U won't have to pay $200 for a cart.

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It's out. I bought it. I did my part.

MOTHER 3 next, please!

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@naru_joe93: Ah, I see. Thanks! Explains both the shirt and the China Don't Care thing. I never watched the Big Live Live shows, only listen to the podcasts and a couple of the QLs.

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I don't get the in-joke. Someone explain it?