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I don't get the in-joke. Someone explain it?

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Bought. Easily.

I just hope we can help Anna, even in a little.

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RIP, big man.

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Loves his New Balance,

But loved his wife that much more.

We will all miss you.

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What a great story. You're a great father with an equally great son. He was loved by many. I'm sorry for what your family has gone through.

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@unordinarily: agreed. it'll get better, though. it has to. you/we have the community to keep us all happy together, and more importantly hours upon hours of Taswell content.

If all else fails, we're a support group just a couple clicks away.

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I love role-playing games, but I can't get through many of them historically because their stories quickly blend together and become the same game with different sprites. That being said, when I find one that breaks the mold or at least cloaks itself enough for me to not realize it's the same ol' thing... well, I devour it.

I loved Ni No Kuni for this because it blended a lot of things.

However, action-adventure is my favorite because they are fun to play, have a story, and honestly are just well made lately.

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I just hope he knows how much he was loved by us, even if we didn't know the magnitude at the time.

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I agree it was really funny, but also very somber at the same time.