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The Depp "Willy Wonka" movie. Shit is weird, man. Trippy.

3/5 I guess. I didn't hate it, but I won't watch it again. Always the Gene Wilder original.

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What finals?

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@xalienxgreyx: that's exactly what they did to me. Woke up around 2pm launch day to some knocks on my door, opened it up and there was an xbox on my doorstep and a UPS guy running for his van.

OMG! you poor bastard being woken up at 2 pm !! Maybe Amazon can give you a $10 gift card for your pain.

Do you have anything fruitful to say, or are you just coming here to be a raging dick?

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They won't leave a 500$ item on your doorstep, they're not imbeciles.

They will, and they are.

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I'm surprised at how many idiots don't realize that a "delivery charge" isn't a tip. What are you, 13?

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Yes. I have a hereditary speech impediment (all males on my father's side have it) that comes on through stress. So of course, making a first impression is always stressful, so my impediment flares up. Wee.

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"Guards! Guards!" by Pratchett. It's my first Discworld book, and I hear it's a great introduction to the universe.

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God I miss that man.


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I roll my own. I buy full flavor tobacco by the pound, and empty cases. It costs like $20 for 200+ smokes.

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You can't sell back digital games, so... there really is no benefit except saving shelf space.