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I just hope he knows how much he was loved by us, even if we didn't know the magnitude at the time.

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I agree it was really funny, but also very somber at the same time.

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Ryan would be proud how the community is coming together to remember him.

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Ryan jokingly talks about dying underneath an arcade cabinet, and the whole crew just writes it off along the lines of "Yeah, that would suck... hey could we have your cabinets if you die?"

Also, it's foreboding when he says "This room feels big and empty" when speaking about Patrick moving to Chicago.

I guess it's awkward only because we know what has happened, but things like his tweet on his death day about how he won't die because of his allergies.

Like a lot of others, I am dealing with this in my own way. Again, this is all probably me thinking too much but the whole hindsight thing sucks. I wonder if the Bombers have thought these thoughts too. "Man, now it sucks that we joked about Ryan getting crushed to death."

RIP Taswell.

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I told my friend, who I got into the Bombcast. He understands, and posted about it on Twitter.

I tried to tell my girlfriend, but she doesn't understand video games at all. My friend and I spoke about it a bit briefly last night, and summed it up nicely - "Ryan was one of the few that gave respect to the game hobby, and tries to make people understand it."

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Yup. Thanks, all.

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Fuck, almost made it. Everyone was being real damn strong, then Vinny broke at the end after he had been a rock for the first two hours. That's all it took.

Thank you, Ryan.

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The most recent one will in no way be video. Too much emotion.

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Probably shouldn't listen to this one at work.

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@ramone said:

I'm crying

I never cry.