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How did he die, specifically?

No news yet. Most recent rumor is a mix of sleep apnea and allergy meds, but honest it's way too early to care. Time will tell us.

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Yet again... RIP Ryan.

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Can't stop this train now. There's always stops on the track, but we keep on moving.

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Fuck this shit. This site'll never be the same.

RIP Taswell.

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Im stilling waiting this out like its some huge joke. Like Ryan will show up and be like "boom! Got you! I'm married! What's up?!"

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....holy god. No way. I feel sick.

RIP dude. Someone please tell me a charity or something is being put together for his family and wife. And give me that link.

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Killzone has always been sub-par at best and I don't think this will change things.

I'm guessing you've never played Killzone.

He was probably talking from personal experience. I've never liked the series, but honestly I've only played the second one. The campaign was good, but short. Multiplayer has never been a selling point for me except in the NHL series.

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All I've heard is what was on the recent Bombcast, a dubious Kotaku article, and a wiki page that doesn't have much except "launch window" stuff.

Here's what I know:

Watch Dogs

NBA 2k14

Madden 25


Assassin's Creed IV


Is the new inFamous game day one?

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Buzz word, buzz word, phrase of the day, non-answer. Yup - just like a company man. Doesn't say a damn thing. I hate PR crap.