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This is why you never become your family's IT/Help Desk person. Ever.

If they ever ask you to help buy them a computer JUST SAY NO because you will become their on-call person immediately.

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I liked you Kenny, damn it. You were unstable as fuck, but you wanted to protect Clem at every chance and at least never left like Jane did. Sure, Jane was a bitch, but you were my boy. I didn't want to shoot you, but I didn't want you to kill Jane and I be left with a shell of the man that used to be. :(

Now I'm already regretting shooting Kenny after reading this thread. I want him back. Fuck Jane. She provoked him. Argh, Telltale!

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We always put on A Christmas Story until my mom cracks and says "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ENOUGH ALREADY!"

Ah... Christmas.

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Is there any way to keep Ethan from dying? I mean, what the fuck is the point of having men if they don't stop the Boltons' guys from walking right in, and what the fuck is the point of my right-hand man if he just lets the Lord get killed.

Everyone was fucking useless.

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Redsand26 said:

you look like a babe

Calm down, tiger.

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National Bohemian. It's not great for a beer, but it's cheap and honestly is a lot better than all those Miller Lites, Coors Lites, etc. "Natty Boh" it's called here.

Yuengling is good, but can get a little to carbonation-y.

I'm a big fan of crafts too, but the above two are my mainstays.

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You are an insane man, and I love you. Don't stop.

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Those X-Wings look legit. Am I correct in hearing that they aren't doing CGI, but full-fledged scale models? If so, they've already won me over.

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I have a 40 of National Bohemian in my fridge, in fact!