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I don't get why we are praising this randomness.

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This sounds like a bad thing. More Farmville and Mob Wars requests, but now straight to your headset. Micro transactions, updates about the shit you don't care your friends are doing, just... blech.

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Funny, I just tried to listen to some old podcasts, got pissed that they aren't working for some reason, then decided to browse this forum because I was bored. Coincidence.

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I love spam.

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I am at about Level 90 and just got to Harvest Valley. I'm assuming the only reason why I don't want to level is because summoning or getting summoned is more infrequent as the level gap between you and players in an area gets greater.

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@faustyn said:

@extomar said:

I think it is more "shocking" random people on an internet message board think they are more of an expert on a topic than someone else. :)

problem is that we are in the dark souls 2 section of the forums, so yeah, people in here probably are experts, and even if they aren't they sure as hell know more about this game than Brad. so not really that shocking ;d

also, remember this is Brad we're talking about. He's pretty much always wrong :o (that's why we love him)

Except for when Rorie is in the room. Then Brad is right AND is correcting Rorie. That's fun.

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So wait, they are going to patch out the ability to become human after helping out in co-op? Effigies are of very limited supply, so this means you could theoretically never become human again if you run out. That sucks - you won't be able to summon in help.

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See thread title. I've helped kill bosses in other players' games, and when I return to my own world I'm still undead. What gives? Is it not as straight forward as I thought?

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I cannot stop playing this game. It's all I want to do with my free time. I'm forcing myself to not play tonight since I've put in 15 hours since Friday.

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12-13k I think. I was real pissed off since it was around the time that it would have netted me two levels, then I beat a boss and got 20k, so my anger was shortlived.