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"Carpenter: I wish the only Halloween made was the first one."

Mother fucker, he and I are best friends now.

...well, II was ok, but I fucking agree that anything past that was shit.

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A seller on Amazon who had bought it, read the reviews, then sold it brand new at a steep loss. I saw a lot more games online for that price, but they were open cases so I don't know if that's an issue with playing online (some sports games have like a $10 online code to try to beat the GameStop used market - I don't know if that's still a thing).

I wouldn't have jumped on it @bhizzy, but a lot of people are slowly leaving NHL 14 as EA fixes 15 little by little. It takes me a long time to find a full team now, so... there's really no point to stay :(

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I know that this thread, and forum, is dead but I wanted to let everyone know that EA has patched in a majority of the pieces that were missing... and therefore, the game is more complete now. Is it worth the full $60? Hell no - EA shouldn't get full monies for it. However, I did get a new copy for $30, which I felt was a good deal. The graphics are good, and the game is still by and large the same.

One thing that is missing that I actually like is the playing of a goalie in online team play - almost no one ever wanted to play a goalie, so now they have removed that issue. Games should be started much faster now. I don't know if this is also true for the Drop-In games.

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I've stayed away from reading much about this GamerGate thing because it seems like a whole lot of stupid nerds and bigoted people yelling and making fun of others that are not like them. Is that true? If so, why the fuck has it gained so much attention? The Internet has always had its own class of people that think they can say and do what they want when they are behind a keyboard and don't have to face someone in person, so if this is something much bigger then maybe I should look into it.

...or maybe I shouldn't. If it warranted Jeff and the whole staff to actually write this AND THEN TAKE QUESTIONS FROM THE COMMENTS SECTION then... wow. Not worth my time, and shame on the people that are being true assholes. I have an Extra Life marathon tomorrow to get prepared for (i.e. making sure XSplit still works and buy a lot of booze).

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So this is this generation's "Madden 06" - i.e. it was rushed out to get the yearly sports game out for the new console, but completely broken and utterly useless.

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I keep hearing that EA will patch in a lot of the missing functionality, so I'm curious if people are waiting for this to happen to make the jump from NHL 14, or if it's well known that 15 will never be worth it.

I'm still playing 14, and like it, but if the online community starts to shuffle to the new hotness, I want to know. I'm sure it looks good on the PS4...

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I think Joel made the horrible, selfish choice. Which is exactly what I would have done if I was in the same position as him.


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""First thing we do is make the properties relevant in the 21st century with online and social features," he said."

Mmmmm, no. Good luck with that, though. If all you do is free to play crap, you are doomed.

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I agree that if Sarah is the main character in Season 3, I'm not playing. I don't find her fascinating at all, mainly because she's stupid as a brick and won't come out of her "life is magical and fun let's be friends" world.

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I hope if the Bombers mention Ryan, it'll be nothing more than something like "fuck you, you loveable piece of shit" and move on with the show. Something short, amusing, and in the right mindset to let everyone know that they still think about him, they still miss him, but they can still move on.