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I, for some reason, do not have any of the white stones needed to place my sign. I have a cracked red orb to banish phantoms, though. Do you get one at a certain part of the story? Do I buy it...?


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Say you suck at the game, and keep trying to farm some dudes so you get enough souls to buy weapons, levels, shards, whatever. But you keep dying, and dying enough that you cannot get back to your body to retrieve your stuff. This means you lose your souls that you've gathered up to that point.

THEN you do this dying loop enough times that the bad guys you were farming disappear and there's no one left that you can easily killed. So you are screwed.

Is this possible? I've seen some enemies disappear on me, but they were too low in level to be of much use anymore, which I'm assuming was From Software's intention with this new mechanic, but... I'm paranoid like Rorie is in one of the most recent videos. I don't want to lose souls, and when I have them I want to use them correctly since it's a finite resource now.

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That's a full year away :(

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We will? Ah. Groovy. That works for me then. Thanks!

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The PS3 version was very good. Granted, I hear the PC one is quite nice as well but I played it at launch and was very disappointed. Therefore, I'd like to play the expansion on PS3 if I could. Any word on if this will even happen? I'd hope Blizzard wouldn't bypass it simply because it's not the current generation anymore.

I could also wait until the PS4 version comes out, but I don't have a character on that system so I'd have to play through the whole game again. No thank you.

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@spiritof said:

I've never played EVE Online.

I love EVE Online.

Exactly. Except I played for about 10 hours, got scared and amazed at the same time, and never returned because I realized it was a game for crazy people. I want to love it, I know I could love it, but I don't have the mindset to dive into something like it.

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I haven't bought one in forever. I go digital or vinyl.

The only time I get music via "other means" is when it's impossible to find what I want. There have been albums that I can't find on Amazon Music/iTunes/whatever, and the vinyl isn't out there. Should I pay some dude in Utah $50 for his used copy? No.

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@handlas said:

From all his stories he seems the most outgoing... like more outgoing than I could ever hope to be. Seems like he is into everything that has ever existed.

And your second post completely contradicts the topic post you made. You confused person you.

As I stated, I think I misread him after reading all of the comments here. I initially thought it was awkwardness, when in reality his personality is so different from the regulars. He is reserved and careful with words - the others aren't.

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@encephalon said:

Drew's great. I think he only comes off as awkward because he's the only one in the room, except sometimes Brad, who thinks about what he's saying before he says it.

I think this is a really good way to put it. His tentativeness to just blab on like the rest of the crew is his personality, and I misread it as he's awkward or nervous. I'm not used to his style yet since he's still fairly new to the Cast. Maybe it's not awkwardness; maybe he is careful with words and I'm not used to that on the Bombcast.