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Stop creating useless topics.

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Stop creating useless topics.

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Maybe Chevy Chase will finally be happy because he got what he wants.

(He thinks sitcoms are horrible things.)

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This would be a fantastic online multiplayer, but if it's local I don't think it's of much use (to me).

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This exact second? The Penguins/Rangers NHL game.

Like in active music rotation? My Peter Gabriel and Led Zeppelin Pandora stations, mainly because they are good background music at work.

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This is an old one, but back in the 90s I stayed away from anything OCEAN did, or even if someone mentioned a game and them in the same sentence.

Are they still around? God I hope not.

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@yukoasho said:

Regarding Jeff - Yes, he's cynical. Straight up. He's not turned this way overnight, however. He's been like this for several years now, but it wasn't as easy to tell because Ryan's craziness and unconditional love of the medium was a perfect foil. For much of the GiantBomb era, Jeff has been the increasingly curmudgeonly straight-man to Ryan's goofy antics. With no Ryan, Jeff's cynicism has nothing to bounce against, and it's becoming oppressive.

I think this is an excellent way to say it, and sums up my main issue with the site right now. Jeff's cynicism is extremely overbearing, but I think it's always been that way but I never noticed it as much since he always had his foil. Now he is the de facto host it's always on the forefront, and therefore hard to miss.

Couple this with Brad's eternal sleepiness/boredom and I now only enjoy Vinny's insanity and Drew's mysteriousness. However, Vinny can only hold it for so long, so... I dunno. I'm looking forward to the new people they want to bring in. Maybe that'll help. I'll continue to subscribe to the site until I can't bear it anymore (which will be not for awhile since I still watch nonstop). The site's in a weird place. I want them to have that passion they used to have, and maybe they still have it... it's just not nearly as apparent.

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I'm looking at my Steam games and I keep saying to myself, "I don't even know how I got this game, I'll never play it, it's just wasting space."

I know that we don't technically own the Steam games, therefore we can't sell them, but it would be cool if we eventually are able to sell digital games (even for a fraction of the price). Maybe some sort of used market where Valve gets a cut of the sale every time so they still make some money? Just some thought.

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Still miss that big dumb fat beautiful idiot.