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I haven't bought one in forever. I go digital or vinyl.

The only time I get music via "other means" is when it's impossible to find what I want. There have been albums that I can't find on Amazon Music/iTunes/whatever, and the vinyl isn't out there. Should I pay some dude in Utah $50 for his used copy? No.

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@handlas said:

From all his stories he seems the most outgoing... like more outgoing than I could ever hope to be. Seems like he is into everything that has ever existed.

And your second post completely contradicts the topic post you made. You confused person you.

As I stated, I think I misread him after reading all of the comments here. I initially thought it was awkwardness, when in reality his personality is so different from the regulars. He is reserved and careful with words - the others aren't.

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@encephalon said:

Drew's great. I think he only comes off as awkward because he's the only one in the room, except sometimes Brad, who thinks about what he's saying before he says it.

I think this is a really good way to put it. His tentativeness to just blab on like the rest of the crew is his personality, and I misread it as he's awkward or nervous. I'm not used to his style yet since he's still fairly new to the Cast. Maybe it's not awkwardness; maybe he is careful with words and I'm not used to that on the Bombcast.

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I love how you completely chose the wrong forum to post it in, too. Good job.

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I don't know if "awkward" was the right word, but when he's trying to explain something sometimes he either doesn't know how to articulate it, or it sounds like he's nervous to speak up. Maybe he just doesn't have the knowledge that the rest of the crew does but he still wants to join into the conversation how he can. I'm perfectly fine with him though. Cool dude.

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I do. It's an interesting dynamic with him and the veterans. He's still learning the ropes, and there's definitely be a few weird comments that Jeff could only say, "Huh. Yeah." to, but I enjoy his type of nerdiness and hope he stays around for good.

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Torts has, and always will be, a giant douche.

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Just watched District 9 again. Good movie, but there's a lot of unanswered things that I wish they gave more hints at... like why the aliens ever came to Earth.

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Stop catering to "family friendly" and you'll do well. This means LEARN HOW ONLINE WORKS.

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8 MM.