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What's the shirtless Greg Miller one?

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This website is too weird sometimes.

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Ya know, if it turns out to be really bad, at least we can laugh at reviews calling it "BrownStreak".

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This is the future, man. I do all my eCommerce through eBusiness webinars. And I exploit the SHIT out of my core competencies.

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I would say no but for different reasons. MOBA's are recreational in the same way heroin is.

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I would really like to see TNT return (or some similar free regular stream). That's what made me a regular visitor of the site and eventually a subscriber (the only website I have subscribed to with real money btw).

But relax, Dan hasn't even been here a week yet I'm sure he's got ideas. Ideally they should have hired like 4 people instead of 2 but they go with what they can afford and Giant Bomb is still a small website.

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Don't succumb to peer pressure Patrick.

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You had my interest at Cliffy B., but lost me at F2P. The only F2P game I can stand right now is HAWKEN because, dude, MECHS.

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Fuck all those games play Doom 2 dude.

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Pretty sure it's this: