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@adam1808: I wish I knew. :) This is the life of an indie game developer, I'm afraid.

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Hey everyone! (What do you guys call yourselves? Bombinations? Giant bombers?)

I saw this thread via Google Alert. I just wanted to hop on and say thank you. This community was the very first to give us some major mainstream attention back when we were trying to get on Steam the first time around. Hopefully we can officially prove ourselves once and for all. Thanks again!


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So, the sale is over.  A bunch of you asked to see a chart that shows how well the offer impacted sales.  While I don't like to give exact sales numbers, I see no problem with showing you a "before and after" line graph that starts from the beginning of the month:

As you can see, the sale gave us a nice shot in the arm.  Thanks so much to everyone who took part!
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Sorry for the blatant bump, but I thought I'd remind everyone that this offer expires tomorrow!

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Yep, they do.  Abe, Shelly and Daryl (Kane, Sayuri and the mafia boss) are folks you will hear quite often.

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Thanks JCTango!  Casting and directing the actors is my favorite part of the process.  

Would I look like a shameless shill if I answered your question by saying "check out the other games on my site"?  Probably yes.  So I won't say it. :-x

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@LunarAura said:

Ran just peachy with my laptop Win7 x64 using DirectDraw 5. I can't seem to get Direct3D 9 to work under any setting combination but oh well.

Oh yeah.  That's because the game uses a plugin to create those lovely rain effects, and the plugin is not compatible with Direct3D.  Normally we would have removed the Direct3D option, but we used a third party engine (AGS) to make the game and the configuration screen is set in stone.  So it's not a bug or a problem with your computer.  It's a feature!
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Incidentally, if you have a WIndows 7 laptop and are encountering some technical issues, there's a thread that might help you on our forum here.

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@LunarAura said:

My first attempt (credit card) was not accepted for whatever reason. I just tried again now with PayPal.

If it doesn't work after that I give up. It shouldn't be this hard to make a PC game purchase regardless of game or discount. Sorry.

Strange!  What sort of error did you get?  If you still want the game, drop me an email and I'll see if I can sort out what went wrong.
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Wow!  I go to sleep and this forum thread explodes. :)  This is very gratifying, guys.   Thanks so much!  To answer some of the common questions:
RE: Steam 
Their policy is not to give their reasons, presumably to not get into long conversations with defensive developers.  I can't say I blame them, although I can't help but wonder why they turned it down myself!  But, no biggie.  It means more direct sales for us. :)
RE: Mac
Right now, there is no Mac port.  The game was made using the AGS engine, which is rigidly PC only.  However, the engine just went open source and some people are trying to make a stable Mac port.  Once that happens, rest assured that Gemini Rue will be the first to make the jump.



Did anyone have to wait a little longer for their download link? I ordered it about 3 hours ago and the e-mail with the download link from WadjetEye hasn't shown up yet.

Hi McWizardry.  Did your email ever come through?  A very common reason for this is when a customer uses a paypal account that has a different email address associated with it.  Drop me an email and let me know if you still haven't received it.
Aaand that's all I can say, really.  Thanks again, everyone.  
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