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GT: FrolickingPanda


Mostly playing COD and Assassins

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I will be posting a bunch of gameplay videos this afternoon of full games and highlights. Go to my YouTube channel if you interested.

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I just downloaded Warframe. I'd like to be part of the clan if you'll have me

My username is: SquareBoat

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Im down to play with some of you guys. I already added a bunch of you from this thread but if I haven't yet my Origin ID is: jrh687

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@VanillaThunder136: Somrone get this man an inviite!

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This is my steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ThunderBacon/

I thought it might be cool to add some people from GiantBomb to my friends list so we could compare scores on the leaderboards and maybe share contracts.

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ThunderBacon (NC)

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@ReCkLeSs_X said:

Here you go, duders!


I got it! Thanks bunches.

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I made a community for GiantBomb. It's called GiantBomb Football Club. If you want to join it just search for it by the abbreviation GFC.

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