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"Keep on searchiiiiiinnnn...." In reality that is pretty cool.

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The new Kinect is neat and it is way more powerful than the PS4 camera, I don't know why anyone would be shocked by the $150 price point. I wish MS would have just dropped the price to $399 with the Kinect and try to make it up somehow. Removing it makes it irrelevant...sadly.

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In. XXL. Thanks, Duder!

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I'll send some stuff for sure.

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I want a shirt with a drawing of a wolf's head wearing the scoops hat.

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It has a 70's vibe to it. Good work.

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Of course they care about 3D, they are trying to push televisions as well. I picked up the Monitor for $100 and it is now my computer monitor as well. It's really nice.

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@g6065: Hey guys, glad you like the theme. It's an original song that I wrote back in '08. We like to change it up every year, it always causes a bit of controversy but overall people seem to like it. Personally I love changing it up and giving it a different feel. One day I would love to record the SKA version with John Drake, Eric Pope, Chainsaw, and Caleb (The Giant Bomb Players).

It's really cool to hear other people's version of the song. I have heard it Holiday-ized, Dubstep, Jazz, Orchestrated, Funked out, all sorts of crazy in VidRhythm. It's a great feeling when people latch on to something you wrote, like the theme & 8-Bit Break Music. Giant Bomb has the best community.