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Hey all, I've been told I need to expand this thing. So here goes. I've been watching Ryan, Jeff, Alex, and Brad (probably Vinny but I dont recall him) for as long as I can remember. I've been playing games for around 20 years. Geez that makes me feel old -_- (I'm only 24 though!) I dont really watch a lot of tv/movies. When I do watch tv its usually on dvd. Simpsons shaped my humor and my life in so many ways. In fact, my first memory was the first airing of the first full show! (simpsons roasting on an open fire.) In fact, theres an episode going on in the background as I write this. I've converted a number of people from other sites over to Giant Bomb.

I enjoy reading, but I'm pretty slow. I collect vinyl records (I swear I am not a hipster.) I recently ordered a set of original star wars laser discs so I'm sure that will start my next sick collecting hobby. I watch a lot of baseball. Like a lot of baseball. I enjoy football but its only once a week so I dont get as much football as baseball. My Favorite game would have to be Earthbound for the SNES. Sadly I've never actually played through an entire game of it. I've done the first half about 10 times and the last boss once (thanks to a rental save.) This winter/spring I hope to finally play through it and persona 3 and 4. annnnd lets see, what else.. I have an Iphone but thats the only Apple product I use on a regular basis. I dont know, I'm pretty tired from the BLLSL stream that happened today!