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Whenever I go to play a video in firefox, it only has options for HTML5 and Youtube. HTML5 only fades to black and won't play the video and youtube does not have the premium videos. I usually just use the streaming but today I noticed it was not on the options. When I open up chrome everything is fine and I have all the options.

I'm up to date with all drivers and such as I just reformatted and installed everything fresh this afternoon. I have adblock off on giantbomb since I'm a premium member.. I'm not sure if this is something goofy with the new billing software or if its something being worked on.. I looked around here and couldn't find anything.

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its been awhile, but I think they said they were just burned out on it. Pretty sure they said they would come back to it. Then Ryan passed away and I guess that was sort of his baby and no one else picked up the torch.

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What have I done.. oh, I ordered the PS4 version. PSN: Sonixe

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Oooh oooh! Add me!

psn: sonixe

I just got the game and am looking for folks to send stuff to and play with.. all that stuff.

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Cosmo is a good dude, glad to see him hold this record!

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PS4 code:




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Bradley, IL, USA

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All of the PS4 games.

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This is probably too late for this thread, but I work at a smaller target. (More specifically, the square footage of our store is small, but for the size of our store we're a higher volume. Hope that makes sense.) Most stores (at least the non city/super targets) got 8 preorder cards. These pretty much sold out the first day. We were told we would get at least the 8 for preorders. Well, we got 21 in stock. They came in cases of 3 so the idea of getting 8 is silly. I can't speak to how many other stores got, but that didn't seem like a specifically large amount compared to what other stores had. Just a little behind the scenes information.

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why not just make a romhack? It seems like the game itself still holds up incredibly well.. why not at least start there and then if its some huge success, then move on to a little more ambitious project.