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Saints Row, the first in our hearts. 0

You really need to play Saints Row the Third. /game of the year argument.Ok, for reals. Like a lot of people I had no idea what I would be getting into when I ordered this game. Sure, I knew it was about a gang and it was open world but aside from that I was really had zero idea what this game was. If you had told me while I was on the amazon page that this game had everything from gangstas in space to zombies to tron inspired battles inside a computer.. well, I would have thought you were high ...

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This is one dog you'll forget. 0

I'd like to start off this review by saying I'm not really huge into the shooter genre like I used to be. I play maybe 2-3 first person shooters in a year, maybe 5-6 third person shooters. I just don't find them terribly exciting of innovative. However, my gamefly doesn't always send me anything from the top half of my list, and this was one of those random games.So, I guess to sum up my thoughts on Dog Days.. its simple. Remember when I said I don't find most shooters exciting or innovative? Th...

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