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Name is Dave - Origin ID - WaiteyBulger , from boston but i will play with anyone who is into freaking anarchy and fun shit in this game. Hope to see some duders out there. :)

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Keep up the awesome work!, im going through old ones now and im just listening, this is a god damn full time job

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Dead space origin code !!!! 5D99-PQNK-5CE5-V72Z-48LQ


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Enjoying it so far and hacvent even tried the online yet

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Awesome Job man that got me right in the fucking feels, I havent followed GB as long as you but I can say this I have watched and rewatched and relistened to all of their content as much as anyone has. The day of his passing i was watching the Quake 3 TNT just because I loved how much they enjoyed that game. It really hit me when I heard about this, he was a constant in a sea of change in my life, Tues Bombcast WED something Thurs- TNT FRI - Unproffes. I am going to miss that banter alot. RIP Ryan we all miss you

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Well done Sir. Thanks Giant Bomb for all the great moments I shared

RIP Ryan

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UH UH UH UH UH UH.....Gonna miss that guy and also. FUCK PENNIES, There are a ton of memories of this guy. Just watched the noby noby boy and battlefield bad co 2 vids this morning before I heard, Still trying to process this. RIP DUDER

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@ryan_davis_was_morbidly_obese: Nice time to break this out man, Scum of the internet showing up to say "I GOT SOMETHING TO SAY!! ME ME ME!" Ryan made a bunch of people laugh like you never would be able to in your entire life. Yea he was fat but guess what? I dont give a shit and most of the folks here dont either, Go back to your Hateful sad cave you Troll. Would love to here you talk like this in person to someone scumbag.

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NO FUcking way, Jesus Christ....im so sad right now. RIP Ryan man you will be missed alot

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@rorie: DARK SOULs endurance run, or some sort of endurance run and a hard game, welcome back!

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