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This is the first time I have been truly shocked and deeply sad upon hearing that a man I never met passed away. RIP Ryan, I miss you already.

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Yesterday I got a surprise invite to see the new Resident Evil movie. I did not even know there was a new one. I can not remember ever seeing a dumber movie. The acting most of the time reminded me of the classic psx opening of the first game (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GyOYaDHquE). There was not as much a story as excuses to string together ridiculous over the top sequences. The games and the movies also have had nothing in common except for characters and location for a long time.

Despite or maybe because all of this I had a really good time. The action, while nonsensical, was a lot of fun and the 3D looked great. The "so bad it is good" feeling was in full gear from the opening to the end credits. As fellow GB user Aznan put it the film had an extreme "face palm ratio". I just sat in the theatre with a dumb smile on my face for the entire movie wondering if what I was seeing was on purpose or not.

If you are looking for dumb fun I highly recommend it but if you demand any kind of story coherence or acting ability from your movies you should definitely avoid it.

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@UitDeToekomst: I like playing fast games on small maps since I don't like the load times and massive troop movement required on larger maps. You also have to go out of your way to get some of the Civ V achievements. I Have played a lot more than 200 hours now and only have the Pax Romana Aeternum achievement left but that one is so depressing to get going, I don't know if I will ever be able to do it.

@c0l0nelp0c0rn1: I have the game of the year edition of Arkham Asylum lying around. Been meaning to replay it and see if it still holds up after the playing way too much Arkham City.

@ChronoGear: That is one impressive list. I managed to get to challenge 6 in Vanquish and could barely get through the second wave. I don't see myself ever finishing that one. I almost have Crowning Glory in perfect dark but I don't have any friends who are skilled enough to help me with the co-op crowns so I sort of gave up on that one.

@meaninoflife42: You should take a look at the achievements for Arkham City. They are way harder than in the Arkham Asylum ones. Look at this one: Perfect Knight - Day 2

@Hunter5024: I hate pointless collectibles that only exist for achievements. For some stupid reason I still do them if they are the only achievements I don't have for the games I play.

@TrashMustache: I totally lucked out when going for the Smile achievement in Geometry Wars 2. Still took more tries than I'd like to admit. I'm still working on S-ranking the original Geometry Wars though. Both those games are great.

@big_jon: If you did Halo 3 without boosting I'd say you are really good at it or really lucky. It took me a really long time to get 15 kills without dying in one multiplayer match but that was probably because of my overly aggressive play style. I have all the points in Halo 3 but not the Vidmaster Challenge: Annual achievement. I should get some people together and try it one day.

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@Shaunage: I think I managed to get to the last stage of guitar hero 3 on medium. Not sure I ever managed to beat it. Even beating a song on harder difficulties are impressive to me. I like hard games but I'm just really bad at these kind of games. Now I feel like digging out my plastic guitar in case I did not beat it yet.

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Since God and Kings messed up my Civilization V S-rank I had to replace the top spot with Catherine. I have no idea how many hours I played it but the less than a hundred people had completed the Babel stages on the european leaderboards. On top of that there is 128 levels of Rapunzel and you have to gold every stage in the main game on hard.

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I first played system shock around 2006 and it was still a great game with one major flaw; the controls. I died so many times from subconsiously trying the WASD controls when things got hectic. The thing I was most impressed by was that the game had a functioning physics engine that was really fun in conjunction with your hover boots or whatever they called them. It was really rare that you had to use them but I often found myself blazing down all slopes at an uncontrollable speed. I also loved the way you could set explosives to create crazy chained explosions. I would not recommend the game from a gameplay perspective but the story and atmosphere is still great.

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I went from Duke nukem 3D, which was great, to Duke Nukem forever which was far from great. I even finished the dlc, the doctor who cloned me, which was a lot better than the main campaign. I also s-ranked dark void for no good reason. One of the dlc-missions was horrible. I need to stop buying less than stellar games or I feel compelled to play them.
I also played through Catherine which I enjoyed a lot more than I thought I would.

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@Sparky_Buzzsaw It was fairly recently I played through the entire series. Maybe 5 years ago. I remember there being game breaking bugs in the remake and part 3 and 4. I played 1 and 2 with the text parser and loved it on a at the time modern machine. I had to borrow my grandmothers old 75mhz computer to get through certain timing based parts. I dont know what kind of fixes they have done with the gog version but the disc versions would be impossible to finish on a modern computer.

Now I have to download the gog version and check it out as soon as I can. I might end up replaying the series again.

Also, they totally messed up the redesign of the antwerp in the vga version. The EGA antwerp is one of my favourite monster designs ever and if there is no antwerp page on this site it needs to be taken care of ASAP! The only reason I'm not doing it right now is because I'm on a a smart phone at the moment.
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I would like to play some dead rising but it is not possible right now. If you still have not found anyone to help you with the coop by late august and still want to do it let me know. Some of those coop gold medals can be difficult and require some preparation.