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It makes me sad that you can not expect anyone to actually play the quest for glory games anymore. The first and fourth game in the series are still among my favourite games of all time. The main theme brings a smile to my face every time I hear it. Even though it would be completly pointless I would love a proper remake o the entire series

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Remember to save midmission and sell all surplus alien corpses and equipment. I did not realize that you could save during a mission for years, literally. I always fire every soldier with bravery below 30. I hate it when they panic and shot their fellow soldier.

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Sid Meier's Civilization V is definitely my most time consuming S-rank and also one of the most difficult ones. I question the sanity of the THREE bombers who got that one. I guess my favourite S-rank is Dead Rising, 7 Day Survivor is one of the most famous achievements for a reason.

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@The_Laughing_Man: Breakdown was way longer than it had any reason to be, especially since it was at it's worst at the beginning of the game. I really thought I was up against the last boss when the nuclear missile turns up out of nowhere and sends you into the future. As ridiculous and overly complicated Breakdown's plot was I still find it more memorable than most games. I know it will never happen but I would love to see a directors cut with more of the trippy crazy stuff in the first half of the game.

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Warning! Spoilers ahead of a game you will most likely never play!

Watching the Chrono Trigger ER I started remembering a lot of stupid/awesome methods of time travel in games. Traveling through time holes created by big planet devouring parasites is kind of cool I guess but it pales in comparison with one specific instance of time travel in Breakdown.

After an epic fight with the bad dude, Solus, the protagonist, Derrick, gets the *expletive* beaten out of him and all hope seems lost. After some drama a nuke strikes down out of nowhere and it should be GAME OVER! Instead the nuke flings our hero through time to a *expletive* future.

"Nukes" = "Time travel". Makes perfect sense.

As a side note, does tri-ace have a company policy that time travel should be in every one of their games?

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@N7: 7 hours on one turret sequence!? No wonder you hated it. I finished the entire game at around 7 hours and was happy to see it end. I don't know if I should congratulate or feel sorry for you if the experience was as bad as you describe.

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@N7: I played Terminator Salvation quite recently and did not have a bad time. Can't say I ran into many bugs but the load times where horrendous, especially when you died. I totally agree its not a 60$ game but I think I got my 15$ gaming value out of it. The mechanics felt old in a way that made me nostalgic and at the same time happy that games are not made like this anymore.

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@IIGrayFoxII: My definition of a S-rank is when you have all the achievment/trophies or have done 100% of all challenges/levels/collectibles in a game. For example I consider getting 120 Stars in Super Mario 64 an S-rank

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@Cincaid: That is one looong list. Having only watched Jeff play Game Room I totally understand that's your craziest S-rank.

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@SPACETURTLE: As emem already pointed out Super Meat Boy on 360 is way easier to S-rank than the PC version. Not that the 360 version is easy, it took me over a month to S-rank SMB after i finished the dark world