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My most nostalgic console is the Genesis. I feel like that console garnered the most social activity, i.e., time with friends and family, so it's produced a lot of memories. The Genesis was the last console whose controller was simple enough for my dad to "get". (Well, aside from the Wii; but I'm not a Wii fan). My mom even played it, she loved the Mickey Mouse games (Castle of Illusion and Mickey Mania).

My most nostalgic game is probably a toss-up between several Final Fantasy's, VII, VIII, and X. I not only remember the games vividly but other things that were happening at the times I was playing each individual game. They're like memory horcruxes.

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2Pac & the Outlawz, Public Enemy, KRS-One, DMX, Vinnie Paz, MC Jin, and Ice-T.

For those who remember the Outlawz, they've upped their game since Pac's death; and I consider two of the three remaining members, EDIDON (aka EDI Mean) and Young Noble to be some of rap's best. EDIDON recently released OG EST 1992 as a free mixtape. You can download it by clicking this link.

Young Noble released his first solo album Last Year, Son of God, which IMO was the year's best rap album. Check out the video for his single Control My Destiny. It's dope stuff.

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Not really. I didn't jump into the 7th gen until 2011, and to date I've only played a handful of its games. It seems that the high cost of making a game prevents developers from taking the risks involved with innovation (e.g., poss. not finding a sizable enough audience to turn a profit), and so we have, and I think we'll continue to see a lot of the stuff we've already seen (which is proven to sell). That doesn't really wet my whistle ...

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Any of the first four Die Hards. John McClane is an awesome character and sort of atypical for an action hero. I haven't seen the fifth but I don't want to, the plot and the trailer looked like trash.

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@zenmastah Wow, that's really dope. I'm definitely going to get those guys in my library. Thanks for the recommendation, duder!

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I've been listening to cssc and their album The Lonely Robot. cssc is a post-rock instrumental band. I've been listening to more instrumental stuff lately, I kind of prefer it since it leaves so much to my imagination.

I've also dug Rustie, The Cinematic Orchestra, and Squarepusher, all of whom I discovered thru Sleeping Dogs. Out of the three, I think I'd recommend TCO the most. I really like the track All That You Give off of the album Every Day (this album also features Burn Out, from Sleeping Dogs).

P.S. Oh yea, you can download Lonely Robot from cssc's Bandcamp here. It's free so check it out!

P.P.S. Forgot ... chiptune has been another recent fascination of mine. For those who are not familiar, chiptune is a type of music you'll instantly recognize anyway, since it sounds like the music featured in retro consoles. I recommend Vurgon by Ario. It can be downloaded for free here, along with a ton of other chiptune albums. Look around. :)

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Dreamcast - Shenmue

XBOX - Shenmue II

PS2 - Grand Theft Auto III

PSP - Final Fantasy: Crisis Core. (I sold my PSP shortly after finishing it, too).

PS3 - FFX HD. (Yes, an old game was the final kick in the tush for me to buy a seventh gen console; and I'm still waiting for it. =P).

GBC - Pokemon Yellow; GBA - Pokemon Sapphire/Ruby; DS - Pokemon Diamond/Pearl. (Valuable franchise, eh?).

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I'm a little surprised to have seen Xenogears mentioned multiple times already; I've yet to play it, too.

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There are real issues like stigmas about the role of motherhood (viz: moms who are moms alone are looked at w. disrespect by some, bc. raising a child - just raising a child - is seen as a not-significant-enough contribution to society), and, for instance, infanticide: the killing of female infants in some cultures because, instead, males are wanted; a feminist would focus on those, a dumb fuck (male or female) focuses on a fucking statue.

One poster alluded to all of this as "pussy politics". It is, and it's bullshit masquerading as the real thing (feminism). If you want to get political, let your politics be about something.