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Can the premium feed not just be blocked? The ad-less premium casts are idiotic anyway.

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Changing any part of the game beyond graphics and UI usability seems idiotic and antithetical to what people have wanted for years.

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Subscribed during the sale and I'm still being accosted by ads all over the site.

Edit: Should also mention I didn't get one of those $15 store coupons. Or were those not being given out for buyers during the sale?

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I pretty frequently drink 40's of Colt 45. I don't understand the notion of drinking alcohol for any reason other than getting drunk, I've never found anything that tastes good and find it hard to imagine that anything actually does.

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I wasn't aware Kotaku was doing guest articles for Giant Bomb. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to find out which stadium lighting fixtures look sort of like characters from Valve games.

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Nice to see another classic PC franchise ruined.

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I didn't know anyone was dumb enough at any age to copy what they had seen on South Park in real life.

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Is there still a way to access the first quest to get Twisted Metal? All I can find in this horrible clunky interface is the second quest.

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@miko1222: He likely recommends playing MGS3 first because it's chronologically the first game.