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I bought the white PS4 bundle and don't regret that at all. I do wish I could have gotten it with a different game though, Destiny is a little barren and the loot is meager. I might enjoy it more if I could start playing with people but without matchmaking that takes more effort than it's probably worth.

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@fateofnever: I had a hell of a time trying to dig up what it was called. Vaguely remembering a PS1 RPG beginning with G isn't a lot to go on, especially when Granstream isn't even a word. Half the time I remember it as The Grantland Saga.

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@steadyingmeat: Dragon Valor was THE BOMB (though it was way too hard for me as a kid)

@corruptedevil: Gotcha Force was THE BOMB

For myself I'll throw in The Granstream Saga, which was a pretty competent PS1 RPG which I loved and as far as I can remember was the first RPG I ever played to completion. Never really hear anyone bring it up. It had some cel animation interspered throughout which was probably pretty cool?

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Just got a PS4. Generally dabbling with stuff and playing Destiny. Would be nice to do so without 0 friends.

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I've enjoyed Deepthroat Jason cutting in with insider info during Metal Gear Scanlon videos. He's done a great job on the production end, I'm sure we will see more of him going forward.

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I don't mind the design even if it's a touch generic. My only real issue is that he looks a little too androgynous, like his face has been too perfectly crafted. I'd like the design to be more masculine in some way - maybe losing the turtleneck/blazer combo would fix this though. I think they had the design pretty spot on with the MC from Persona 4 (enough that a high schooler with silver hair stops looking off after a while).

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@therealmoot: Well that's all actually pretty much fair enough. Apart from the chainsaw thing. That's a little Patrick Bateman.

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Knife people, what's the appeal? As a Scottish person, the sight of non-cooking knives like these sets me on edge (ha hah). Anyway, why? These knives don't serve any purpose do they, or are they a have for the sake of having kind of item? Also, you don't carry them around on your person do you?

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Snap 2! Finally.

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I had a similar experience at work. One of my colleagues was telling my boss about seeing two men kissing while on a night out. She said she thought it was disgusting, which my boss (also female for what it's worth) agreed with and they both made distressed faces over the thought. My colleagues next point was that she doesn't have a problem with gay people, she just doesn't want to have to see them kissing.

I was awestruck. I certainly knew this kind of thinking was out there, but I really did not expect to be confronted with it from people I thought pretty nice and who were only 2-3 years older/younger than me (22) respectively. I figured that this kind of inherent hate, homophobia in particular, was the kind of thing ignorant 50 year old men in crap pubs concerned themselves with; not reasonably well educated young women.

I considered saying something about the exchange. Maybe question the idea that they had the right to judge people in that way, or compare their prejudice to something completely indefensible to elucidate the issue ("I don't have a problem with black people but I don't like seeing them" for example) - but in the end I stayed out of it. Sure, in many ways it was a pretty harmless conversation but it really left me a little upset.

My advice is to do your best to ignore these kinds of remarks, these people live the lives they will, shaped by their own shitty outlooks and you making an issue out of it, no matter how well intentioned will achieve nothing and alienate you from people you work with daily.