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Fables is really great for the majority of it's run and still pretty good later on. The same goes for Y The Last Man, which has a more manageable length too. I've also read the first 10 issues of Sandman, and while I'm not the first to say so, it's very good - and that comes from someone who doesn't really like Neil Gaiman's output.

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We really need a weekly Vinny catch up/call in segment for the Bombcast. Seriously, even him calling into the studio for 20 minutes a week would be utterly fantastic.

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I saw The Guest a few weeks back when it came out in the UK. It really is excellent. Funny, action packed with a pumping, pulpy synth score. It really put me in mind of a modernised take on the earlier John Carpenter movies. Probably my favorite film of the year so far.

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I feel like PS1 era JRPG's and tank control survival horror/suspense games as a whole could make a comeback in the hands of the right developers. Surely these games could be made by small teams and vastly improved on by today's hardware and design sensibilities. The number of HD remakes that have come out proves that people are willing to go back to those oldies, and they have to be motivated by more than just nostalgia.

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I think more dungeons that are smaller and with some that are optional would be the way forward. The most efficient way to play is to play through as much of each dungeon without leaving as you can which often breaks up the otherwise well paced tempo of the game. Smaller dungeons could fix that. I suppose there could be small character themed dungeons as well as one big sprawling dungeon to grind through should you want to in between story dungeons.

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I work as a dispenser in a pharmacy. We can take a 15 minute break but I prefer to just power through; taking that short of a break just reminds me that I'm working. It is noted as unusual that I don't use my breaks though.

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I bought the white PS4 bundle and don't regret that at all. I do wish I could have gotten it with a different game though, Destiny is a little barren and the loot is meager. I might enjoy it more if I could start playing with people but without matchmaking that takes more effort than it's probably worth.

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@fateofnever: I had a hell of a time trying to dig up what it was called. Vaguely remembering a PS1 RPG beginning with G isn't a lot to go on, especially when Granstream isn't even a word. Half the time I remember it as The Grantland Saga.

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@steadyingmeat: Dragon Valor was THE BOMB (though it was way too hard for me as a kid)

@corruptedevil: Gotcha Force was THE BOMB

For myself I'll throw in The Granstream Saga, which was a pretty competent PS1 RPG which I loved and as far as I can remember was the first RPG I ever played to completion. Never really hear anyone bring it up. It had some cel animation interspered throughout which was probably pretty cool?

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Just got a PS4. Generally dabbling with stuff and playing Destiny. Would be nice to do so without 0 friends.

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