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Snap 2! Finally.

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I had a similar experience at work. One of my colleagues was telling my boss about seeing two men kissing while on a night out. She said she thought it was disgusting, which my boss (also female for what it's worth) agreed with and they both made distressed faces over the thought. My colleagues next point was that she doesn't have a problem with gay people, she just doesn't want to have to see them kissing.

I was awestruck. I certainly knew this kind of thinking was out there, but I really did not expect to be confronted with it from people I thought pretty nice and who were only 2-3 years older/younger than me (22) respectively. I figured that this kind of inherent hate, homophobia in particular, was the kind of thing ignorant 50 year old men in crap pubs concerned themselves with; not reasonably well educated young women.

I considered saying something about the exchange. Maybe question the idea that they had the right to judge people in that way, or compare their prejudice to something completely indefensible to elucidate the issue ("I don't have a problem with black people but I don't like seeing them" for example) - but in the end I stayed out of it. Sure, in many ways it was a pretty harmless conversation but it really left me a little upset.

My advice is to do your best to ignore these kinds of remarks, these people live the lives they will, shaped by their own shitty outlooks and you making an issue out of it, no matter how well intentioned will achieve nothing and alienate you from people you work with daily.

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This looks like what that dodgy Kavinsky game should have been.

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Does any generous Duder have a UK 360 code to spare?

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That was a magical game for Mexico, I had money on them taking it and they had at least three really good shots that could have beaten a pretty underwhelming Brazil.

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Bishi Bashi Special seems like the right blend of multiplayer Wariowareesque mayhem to be entertaining. Also DOA4, because it's a fighting game I might just be able to beat Jeff at.

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I always thought Calvin Coolidge sounded pretty baller but apparently he was total trash as a president. Maybe having an actual knowledge of the president and a line of reasoning for liking or disliking him would be useful...

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1. Persona 4

2. Fallout 3

3. Final Fantasy VIII

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@james_hayward: I think the problem is that Bioshock popularised audiologs, however in that game they work perfectly well in context. They are remnants left behind in a dead city that explains it's downfall whereas in most games having loads of recordings doesn't work because we are still in the thick of the action; in media res.

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Because they are relatively cheap and quick and easy to put into a modern video game.

Beat me to the words "cheap" and "easy". I'm sure the fact that they are a known quantity helps. I wish more games had adopted the codec style of Metal Gear Solid instead. That way you could dip into long story/characterisations whenever you wanted without having to go find them.