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That was a magical game for Mexico, I had money on them taking it and they had at least three really good shots that could have beaten a pretty underwhelming Brazil.

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Bishi Bashi Special seems like the right blend of multiplayer Wariowareesque mayhem to be entertaining. Also DOA4, because it's a fighting game I might just be able to beat Jeff at.

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I always thought Calvin Coolidge sounded pretty baller but apparently he was total trash as a president. Maybe having an actual knowledge of the president and a line of reasoning for liking or disliking him would be useful...

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1. Persona 4

2. Fallout 3

3. Final Fantasy VIII

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@james_hayward: I think the problem is that Bioshock popularised audiologs, however in that game they work perfectly well in context. They are remnants left behind in a dead city that explains it's downfall whereas in most games having loads of recordings doesn't work because we are still in the thick of the action; in media res.

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Because they are relatively cheap and quick and easy to put into a modern video game.

Beat me to the words "cheap" and "easy". I'm sure the fact that they are a known quantity helps. I wish more games had adopted the codec style of Metal Gear Solid instead. That way you could dip into long story/characterisations whenever you wanted without having to go find them.

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As far as I'm concerned, nothing is too good for the Persona team.

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I'll never tire of Giantbomb re-imagined as a tv show opening.

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I think since P4 was about as merry as it gets, Atlus will want to reign in that vibe a little for P5. I'm not sure they'll go quite as far as the persistent dread/ themes of depression we got in P3 since P4 did so well but I expect it to be less cheery.

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Witchaaaah! That list actually makes 2014 look like quite a tasty year for games. If Persona 5 had declared for a worldwide November release it really would have been quite a year.