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Review a great game day - Persona 4 0

* I wrote some amount of my thoughts on why Persona 4 is great for Review A Great Game Day. It’s less of a proper review and written more in the style of ‘review a game you love’, which feels more in keeping with the aim of the project and the style of other reviews. Get it on my BLOG as well. * Persona 4 is a JRPG: part Twin Peaks murder mystery, part Stephen King’s IT tale of youths uncertainty in the face of morbid danger and part Power Rangers high school fantasy.Where so many games overlo...

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Dead rising returns at a bargain price, warts and all. 1

 Dead Rising 2: Case Zero pushes the boundaries of what has been attempted by downloadable content, attempting to bring dead rising 2 in microcosm to its hoards of hungry moaning fans for a bargain price. The price itself is of note, 400 microsoft points is definitely a tempting proposition and while there is plenty to love about Case Zero, there are a number of small quibbles to deal with and the design itself must be overcome.   The original dead rising included a leveling system (als...

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Marginally better than actually being punched in the face. 2

Facebreaker is a boxing themed fighting game, and to call it a boxing game would be absurd as beyond characters fighting in a boxing ring while wearing boxing gloves, all aspirations to the sport are purely cosmetic. Recharging health bars, a throw button and ranged attacks are just some of the features that place this game firmly in the fighting game genre, and while the aim was to create a lighthearted accessible alternative to the realistic, nuanced fight night series the game is mired by poo...

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Amusing, alarming, strange, perplexing, gnomes. 0

Nelson Tethers is a new IP from Telltale games, a company with a pedigree for developing and reinvigorating adventure game franchises with panache and humor. While Telltale is known as one of the few developers to succeed in producing games episodically, Tethers is a standalone title based upon the unusual comic series Grickle, the brainchild of animator and all around pleasant Canadian Graham Annable.Nelson Tethers is a puzzle game in the vein of the professor Layton series, and features a dyna...

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