I Need my fix!

Recently, I embarked with a friend to play The Old Republic. Really, ever since I quit WoW I've been yearning to replace it. It's likethat itch that cannot be scratched. Soooo many hours later and with bleary, watery eyes I reached lvl 50. Now after a week of doing dailies I've had enough. I'm quitting. I think as I get older I'm just not enjoying games as a whole - as much as I used to. I think this is the gamers cross to bear.

It's funny, I see the same thing in Jeff - he sometimes lambast's games that dont push his buttons or annoy him but I feel that he - like me - is becoming increasingly jaded with modern games. In all my years of playing - in the tens of thousands of hard earned £'s i've spent on my hobby (see obsession) , I've never enjoyed an era more than the SNES. I just cannot for the life of me understand why. Sure I understand that things are never as good as they were in "the good ol days". This I'm sure is true for every generation. But now they makes games differently. I'm sure this has led to the recent(ish) rise of the small team downloadable game.

Kinda makes me sad.

Oh well, maybe Diablo 3 will rekindle my love affair with games. One things for sure - I wont be doing any more dalies eveb though as an operitive, I am quite litrally O.P.

If anyone ever reads this - well done, you survived the ramblngs of a Jaded gamer.

PS Hurry up and HD up Secret of Mana ...... oh and Shadowrun.