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@slaps2: I'm up for both the NFL fantasy league and the EPL fantasy. PM me the details!

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I'll be going to Origins this year, wondering if any other duders were going? Maybe do a GiantBomb meet up or something?

For those who don't know, Origins Game Fair is one of the biggest boardgaming cons of the year. It is in Columbus, OH, June 11-15.

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Sorry if this doesn't belong here. Long time podcast listener (back to the HotSpot days), but I rarely check out the forums.

Anyway, found this on Kickstarter, and I thought some fellow Bombers might be interested:


Seems like a California Extreme based in Atlanta, which is great for those of us based in the southeast.

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Anyone pick this game up now that it's on Steam?? I agree with handlas that it's tough to get a good game going with randoms. So if anyone wants to play, send me an invite, username Akennah. And I've found some great guides on strategies for the Dwarves. I thought they were pretty useless too, but they're not so terrible once I altered my strategy a bit. The hardest part for me was that the Paladin is both their healer and their tank. I usually keep all healers in the back and away from trouble, but if you do that you have no one to absorb damage.